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Lisa made this beautiful post.
You can check it out on our Facebook page.
We are getting ready for Texas week next week.
I know many of you are celebrating Dr. Seuss next week.
But in Texas, March 2 is Texas Independence Day.
And Texas holidays are a BIG deal in The Lone Star State.
Here is a peek at our Texas Two Step:  A Texas Themed Unit.
The unit has been totally updated.
So, if you purchased it earlier, just redownload.
If you want to purchase, head over to our TpT store.
Are y'all loving being able to switch your Instagram accounts easily?
We are.
You can easily switch accounts on your iPhone or smart phone.
Thank you, Instagram!
For Black History month, Laura had a great activity.
Her students read biographies of famous African Americans.
Then, they sorted the biographies into categories.
Each lunch bag was a category.
Categories included: leaders, teachers, sports, authors, stars.
Look for this product to be in our store very soon.
We love our blogging friends that have become our friends in real life.
Chad at Male Kindergarten Teacher made this amazing video about teaching.
Check it out here on his Facebook page.
Or here on his blog.
Chad's video already has over 5,000 views in less than one week.
Congratulations, Chad.
We love linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Hope you take the opportunity to check out some amazing bloggers this week.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!!
We had great fun at the fundraiser last Saturday for my school library 
at our local Barnes and Noble.
Laura is with her daughter and our mom for this photo.
I really appreciate all of their help making the day a success.
Y'all know I am a total Dancing with the Stars fan.
I talk about it a lot.
Well, I just attended my second "Dancing with the Stars Live" event.
Here's a little flashback to the first event.....
with Lisa in Las Vegas.
Needless to say, Lisa is not a Dancing fan like me.
But she is family, so she went along with my evil entertainment plan.
 Lisa did actually kind of admit to enjoying seeing Val.
But who doesn't love watching Val dance?
This time Lisa didn't have to attend.
I think she was pretty happy about that.
The sweeties are going to love this new creation from Greg
It's called Cowboy Up!
We celebrate Texas Independence Day on March 2nd each year.
To be honest, we pretty much learn all about our state the entire month of March.
Hey, Texas is a big state with lots of wonderful history and cultures to learn about.
The sweeties will love to work on their sight words with this fun cowboy pack.
I am recently obsessed with these new creations from the amazing Jen Jones.
Check out this new line of products.
Hello Beautiful!
Time is running out to enter the We Love Tieks Giveaway from The Elementary Entourage
So, enter before February 15th for a chance to win your own pair of beautiful Tieks.

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Happy Valentine's Day from All Y'All Need!
Welcome to the season of love.

Even when that love hurts.
The Frenzied SLPs are all about keeping it real, and this is about as down-to-earth as it gets.

If you are an SLP, you will get physically hurt at some point. Professors may not tell you this. Lists of Top 25 Best Careers may not include that info. And probably the people interviewing you for a job won't mention that detail.

But it's real.

Teaching communication comes with challenges. I've been fortunate. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been physically injured. The teachers and parapros I work with have been pretty knowledgable about their students' behavior and protective of me. Still, it happens.

Back in the mid-90's, all I knew about autism were the classifications at that time - autism, PDD, Rett's syndrome, Asperger's, and Childhood Integrative Disorder. That's it. My Sp Ed director at the time sent me to a home to work with a young child. I had no training except for conversations with the SLP and PPCD teacher who had assessed the child.

The mom was great and knowledgeable. She told me lots of things about her child in a quick 2 minutes - likes, preferences, actions, history, more than I could remember. As we worked, the child started approaching closer. I was excited! The child was interested in the activities! Nope, turns out the child's approach meant a bite on the neck was on the way, and that's what happened. The mom intervened. I finished the session, embarrassed and promising to write down what she had told me. Then, I had to go to the nearest school to visit with the school nurse. She urged me to call my director, who documented the information and asked me to go get a tetanus shot.

So my advice is:
* Keep up-to-date on your tetanus shot. Not really, but kind of, especially if you have biters or scratchers.
* Learn about autism spectrum disorder. There is a wealth of information out there now.
* Respect the people who know the child the best - parents, teachers, school staff. I really should have called the parent first and had a conversation instead of showing up and expecting to do therapy.
* Know your district's procedures for incidents.

My hope is that communication dominates your SLP world, that physical incidents are few-and-far-between, and that you have more ups than downs in your career. And that you won't be injured but will know what to do when it happens.

We are linking up this busy week with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Groundhog Day, 100th Day of School and Super Bowl Sunday, oh my!
Monday and Tuesday started out with Groundhog Day activities
We had highs of 70-75 both days.
Is it any wonder Punxsutawney Phil predicted spring?
A cute open-ended groundhog day game from Mia McDaniel helped get some hard data.
Middle-school students read Groundhog Day text passages from Nicole Allison's winter pack.
I love using the dry-erase pockets from Target to practice highlighting vocabulary and concepts.
Y'all. I'm old.
I pre-date the Internet!
I remember struggling for therapy ideas, driving all the way back to the Special Ed office to look at workbooks and THEN prepping activities.
Yep, there was no Pinterest, no FB SLP groups, and NO Teachers pay Teachers.
I am loving our technology today.
I can look up ideas, buy a very reasonably priced product on TpT, and have it ready to go in 20 minutes.
OK, that was a squirrel. Just wanted to let you know. I am so grateful for TpT and online collaboration.
 100th Day of School for speech/language therapy by All Y'all Need
Did you celebrate the 100th Day of School this week?
We did!
It's kind of nice to be so far along in the school year. And kind of scary, too.
But it's a lot of fun.
Self-contained students played Peachie Speechie's teddy graham challenge (it's a freebie!) and made glasses.
Some groups played 100th Day Ask Away. It's like Guess Who?
It's always great to get in asking questions and perspective.
I was at the middle school on the 99th day of school.
We still did 100th Day activities, including the free app AgingBooth.
It was fun! Most laughed at their pictures.
Only one was pouty about the "after" picture.
Another middle-schooler told me my aged picture looked the same as my "before" picture because I'm already old. We had a quick social skills lesson. (Even though I am old. You just don't tell people they are old.)
And I used another TpT item, 100th Day of School for Upper Grades by Kim Miller.
We used the Draw Yourself at 100, Bucket List, and Money pages. 
And the self-contained middle-school teachers were happy to see me bring in 100th Day activities that were appropriate for their students.

Have I told you I have an awesome licensed assistant?
I do.
While I'm at Friday morning meetings, she'll be doing some make-up sessions.
Football is the theme.
An old Linguisystems Game to Go is the plan.
My students are overwhelmingly Broncos fans.
Who are you rooting for? 

We are teaming up with the FABULOUS Ashley and Angie from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd and Lucky Little Learners to talk about things we love!

People We Love

Amy: Farley from Oh Boy.... It's Farley! 

Oh Boy It's Farley
Laura: Mia McDaniel from PuttingWords in Your Mouth

Putting Words in your Mouth

Lisa: Jennifer White from First Grade Blue Skies

First Grade Blue Skies

Products We Love

Amy: Post It Notes

Laura: Flair Pens

Lisa: TROFAST Storage from IKEA

Quotes We Love




It's February?
How can that be?
Well, Farley says so.  And Farley does not lie.

Here is our Currently

Listening.....Grease is the word!
Inspired after watching Grease Live!  Now, a little time with the originals of Grease.   Listening to Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta belt it out.   Greased Lightning, indeed.
Loving.....February holidays!
Groundhog Day, National Wear Red Day, Super Bowl Sunday, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, Make a Friend Day, Random Acts of Kindness Day, Tell a Fairy Tale Day.
Don't forget about Oscar Night.
I kind of like National Tortilla Chip Day on February 24 as long as I get salsa or queso with my chips.  I even like queso and salsa on my chips at the same time.
And my birthday is in February.  
Lots to celebrate and have fun with this month.
Thinking....I already read my book club book!   Yay for me!
Our meeting is not til the end of the month.
But I have always enjoyed biographies and autobiographies, so I flew through this month's pick, The Sound of Gravel by Ruth Wariner.
It was a lot to think about.  It is about a polygamist family.
The author is a little girl raised in a polygamist family and community.
I mean I am still thinking about the book.
But I hope I can remember the book at our next meeting.
Remember, I am having a birthday.
The memory goes as you age. go to French Lick Blogger Meet Up in March.
It is hosted by the fabulous Holly Ehle of Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connection.
Lisa and I went last year.
It was super fun!
We are sooooooooooooooooooo excited to go back this year.
One month and counting down.....
Needing.....a pedicure.
Let's face it.  We are past the point of want.
It's February and my toes have not seen new polish since 2015.
Don't look at the toes.
Swooning......pretty Valentines.
I love pinks, reds, conversation heart colors, new Valentines, antique Valentines.
They are all pretty when they come from the heart.
This week I seem to be swooning over Snoopy, too.
And that's ok with me.

Hope y'all have a wonderful February!
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