The Pin: Porcupine meatballs from Taste of Home. Reviews are 4.5 of 5 stars. I made it because I had all the ingredients on hand! I had never heard of Porcupine Meatballs until 2008 when Becky Higgins posted a recipe.
                      Source: via Laura on Pinterest

The Good: Easy to make, I liked them. My teens questioned the use of porcupine meat... fun!

The Bad: My family prefers Italian meatballs with sauce and spaghetti.

Summary: Good and worth trying, but I probably won't make it again for my family.
All Y'all Need is linking up with JD's Rockin' Readers for a great Halloween sale! Be sure to click here to see all of the other stores participating - there are a LOT! Everything in our store will be 20% off on Halloween only. The Veterans Day and Thanksgiving units are perfect to fill up November. Doing progress reports? Check out our new covers. We just added Fall Funnies with autumn jokes designed to help students understand humor. Hope to see you! And if you're in the path of Sandy, we are hoping that you stay safe and dry.
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I love working with my sister and cousin! I think of an idea for flashcards, Lisa gives me perspective on what works with her Kg-ers, and Amy does her magic and ties in the oral language with reading! This time, it's the all-important spatial concepts that so many of my language-disordered students struggle with. Here's the latest product from All Y'all Need:

                                            Source: via Laura on Pinterest
The pack comes with 20+ pages. There are 3 activities. The first is Seeing Spatial Superhero Terms and targets receptive language. Place the cards out in groups of 2 up to a whole pocket chart and ask students to find the card you describe.

The second activity Where is the Superhero?, is a matching game focusing on vocabulary. Students match illustrations to written words. The graphics are the same as in activity #1 but without the written words, so students are matching pictures and words.

The third activity is Superhero Signals. Students follow direction cards to learn spatial concepts. Nothing like getting up and moving around to make vocabulary terms stick!

My favorite activity that Amy cam up with is to laminate the cards, hole punch, and store on a book binder ring. Then, a teacher can grab the cards during bathroom breaks to review during wait time.

Take a look at the preview file here. Price is $3.50 on TpT.

What's going on is mostly life. I haven't been very regular about posting or keeping up with Pinterest or  commenting on blogs. I feel like there has been explosion of resources in the SLP world that I'm missing out on through Pinterest and TpT. It will still all be there when I'm ready for it, though.

In the meantime, All Y'all Need has joined a couple of giveaways. The first one is at O"Fish"ally a First Grader.
The second giveaway is going on at Tales From Room 112. Check out the blogs and giveaways!

At our store, here are some recently added items:
Starting with A: an alphabet game focusing on lower case letters for $3
Speech Therapist Progress Report Covers for 9 Weeks for $2.50
School Counselor Subway Art in Primary, Bright and B&W for $1 each
ABC Order for Veterans Day - a freebie!
We have several Veterans Day packs for math ($5), ELA ($5) and SLPs ($6). These units would be perfect for the time after Halloween and before Thanksgiving.
                                  Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Plus, we added license prices. That means you can buy one item at regular price and the same item for 50% off to share with a co-worker! No more problems about sharing - just buy the number of items you want to and get a discount! Yep, that's the work of my librarian sister - if you ever want to know about copyright and licenses, librarians are the people to go to!

Welcome to my redesigned blog! Nicole at Delightfully Creative recently redesigned the logo for our TpT store, All Y'all Need, and I liked it so much that I asked her to take a look at my blog. Here's what she came up with:

I am very happy with it! Nicole's prices are very reasonable, starting at $30 and going to $45. She took my input and what I wanted, and she is very fast! I can't think of one thing I would change about working with her - she is very customer-oriented. If you're thinking about starting or redesigning a blog, make sure to check her work out!

Work with a great counselor? All Y'all Need has added subway art just for those who take care of the students - and often, the staff! Art comes in B&W and primary and bright colors. $1 each.
Today was my last day for the semester. I'm taking some time off for medical issues. Everyone I work with has been so supportive. The CFY I work with is already at the school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is working on Friday mornings. Four other co-workers are covering the rest of the days. I tear up at their generosity. They have all had to rearrange schedules, and they are willing to come in and work at a school and with students they're not familiar with.

The teachers at my school have been equally as wonderful. They have been willing to adjust schedule times as well as offering words of encouragement. And the diag I work with has been very helpful in answering questions and making sure everything is taken care of. I am so fortunate to work with a diag who believes all the kids are our kids and helps me out tremendously.

The last time I was out for any length of time was when my daughter was born, and she's 14 years old now! Times have changed along with workload requirements, but I didn't realize how much it would take to prepare! I have filled a notebook to the point that the cover is going up:

The sections are:Student Lists, ARDs (IEPs) and Re-evals, Schedule, Map, Sections for M/W, T/Th and Friday groups, RtI lists, Testing and Referral lists, and Upcoming ARDs. I have gone through it, but I know I haven't covered everything. I know the therapists can handle everything, but I want to give them a good foundation.

I also left them with a few fun things. First up, little buckets from Target that are great for games where students draw small cards:
Second, I added labels to my shoe holder of Super Duper decks. I've worked with the cards so long that  I know them by sight:
 Hard to see here, but the artic labels are b/p, ch/j, d and f/v.

 Language decks are Auditory Memory, Irregular Plurals, Irregular Verbs, and Synonyms.
My hope is that the therapists have everything they need and easy access to what they need.
Check out our new logo from Nicole at Delightfully Creative Blog Design! She wrote some kind words here. Nicole is just starting out, and I'm sure she would appreciate some visits!

Check out our new Veterans Day units! My sister Amy, a librarian, has found a great book for Veterans Day, The Poppy Lady. This is the packet for SLPs, and it's $6 for 30+ pages:
                                                      Source: via Laura on Pinterest

We also have packets for language arts, math, and all the units in one. Here's a peek of the whole thing:
Visit All Y'all Need to see more!

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