From Amy:
#1:  Ok, technically this was last week.   But I am still enjoying my Paul McCartney!   Sir Paul finally made it to Austin.   Yep, the first visit required two nights of concerts.   I was lucky enough to go the second night.   Fantastic evening of maybe-I'm-amazed music.   No maybe about it, folks....I was amazed.

#2:   I do so love my People Magazine.   Of course, this copy featuring Hey Girl's one-and-only Ryan Gosling was a winner!   But I like reading the celebrity scoop, the royal baby buzz, the book & movie reviews, etc.

From Laura: 
#1: End-of-year surveys. I'm working with a wonderful teacher who has gotten a second bachelor's degree in speech therapy. In Texas, she can become a licensed assistant after 25 face-to-face supervised hours. Due to life and the state board, she just recently got approved, so we are booking it to finish the hours. I thought it would be good to get students' perspectives on speech therapy, so she's been conducting surveys. 

So far, she has learned that she will be the best speech therapist in the world if she gives out candy, does speech on the playground, and doesn't have rules. Yeah....

This fourth-grader wrote: replace room with a big room that has a hot tub.
This fourth-grader comes to speech and Tuesday/Thursday and would like to come other days. Awwww... Of course, he also wants free will.

 This one is from a sweet fifth-grader. I will miss her.
Although there were silly end-of-year answers, I like the idea of the survey. I think I'll have any future interns complete one.

#2: Sheet protectors. Guess what works when you're sick of laminating? Plastic! Thanks to Lisa's idea, I can print out Ask Away sheets and the students can go to town with dry-erase markers. When you can't cut one more thing, this is a good option. And this summer game is perfect for ending the year.
From Lisa:
#1: The Great Gatsby. I went with some teacher friends to go see The Great Gatsby. I loved it! The costumes and sets were AHMAZING! The Great Gatsby is one of my favorite books and I'm usually disappointed by the movies. However, I loved this interpretation of the book, and the actors/actresses were spot on! I couldn't think of a better cast!

#2: Crafty, Crafty, Crafty. This weekend, my house turned into Crafts R Us. I made a summer deco mesh wreath for a family friend, finished my kiddos' memory books, an made a sport-themed diaper cake This was my first attempt at making a diaper cake. It was a little frustrating when the diapers would fall like dominos before I could secure them. However, I'm very happy with how it turned out, and my sweet friend loved it!

Teaching with Moxie is helping everyone get through the end of the year with this fun link up!

All Y'all Need has a new freebie, an end-of-year letter perfect for the back page of memory books:
And our other summer freebie is ABC Order Beach Words, perfect for a quick review of vocabulary and a start to conversations about vacation plans:

Teachers on TpT are working together to help out teachers in Moore, OK. There are currently four bundles on sale. Each one is $25, although the value of each one is over $100. 100% of the proceeds will go to Moore schools. The bundles are only available from today through June 3. Go here for the details. 

All Y'all Need is so honored to be able to help out. Bundle 1 for K-2 includes our memory book. For SLPs, there are a few items in this bundle, including some clipart from the talented Krista Wallden, an I Have, Who Has game from a PK teacher, and a Synonym and Antonym pack. Although these are not specifically for speech, I bet they could be adapted, as well as some of the other products.

Here are links to the other three bundles:
K-2 Bundle 2 - has a WH- question game from Dean Trout, SLP
3-6 and Clipart Bundle 1
3-6 and Clipart Bundle 2

From Amy:
#1:  It was a red night at Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday night.  I took the world's greatest niece.   We screamed, we danced, we swayed, we sang.   Taylor did not use bad language, dance suggestively, or dress scantily, and yet sells out shows all over the world.   Taylor sang, danced, flew over the audience, played guitar, banjo & piano, laughed, and more than anything, entertained for over two hours .   Plus she managed double-digit costume changes in mere seconds.    We, the world's greatest niece and I, decided that Taylor Swift could be a Disney princess.   Fantastic show!

#2:   Every year our school has a reading at home program.   It's exciting to see the kids rewarded for their hard work.   The top ten readers, by minutes, get a huge bag of goodies for their reward.   It contains books, pencils, crayons, pencils, ice cream coupons, bubbles, sunglasses, etc.   It's great to see them excited when their names are called.

From Laura:
#1: My Origami Owl stuff finally came in!
First up is my family necklace with our birthstones.
 Next are some of the aqua charms and blingy locket. Excuse the blurriness.
 And here is my SLP necklace! Besides the letters, it has gears, the I Love You sign, the autism heart, a laptop, and red and white birthstones for my school's colors. I have lips on backorder.
Although I like the aqua charms jumbled, I wanted the SLP to stand out, so I found some glue dots for beads at Hobby Lobby and glued them onto the gears. The rest of the charms are not glued. They are glued in my family necklace because I liked the look better.

#2: Some of you are already out of school, but my last contract day is June 6. My district does have a four-day weekend, though!
From Lisa:
#1: A picture is worth a thousand words
I've been frantically working on my kiddos' memory books. Almost finished! Woo hoo! On Monday, my kids noticed that I had an envelope of pictures on my desk. As soon as one said, "Pictures!", I had all at my desk in no time. So we took a little brain break to look at the photos. There were a few classroom group pictures that are going in their memory books. The kiddos had more fun looking at them and were amazed at how much they've grown! I wish I had recorded their responses. There were also a few pictures of my family at my brother's wedding. Their comments were precious! Of course, their favorite picture was my mother. They love Mrs. B! I'm very lucky that my mom retired last year and is able to be my kiddos' favorite guest. After 38 years of teaching, I think she deserved it :)
#2: Classroom Carnival!
For the last day of school, I've decided to have a Kinder Classroom Carnival. I'm going to set up some simple carnival stations that I found at Walmart. Every game was under $5! I also found this adorable photo booth kit. I can't wait to use this. My kiddos will love it!

I'm opening up my Pinterest boards to group settings. The speech blogging world has grown so much, that I can't keep up! So I'm asking for help. Here's a list of some of the boards you can pin to. Most are speech/language.

I added recipes so we will know what works on those crazy days and what doesn't. And a lot of bloggers post a Friday round-up, so that could be a great collection!

You are invited to join if you have a blog and Pinterest account. Only original pins accepted. I reserve the right to moderate boards.

If you would like to join, I would love to add you! Either comment below or email me at with your Pinterest account name.
I have 10 more days of school. I'm jealous of the people who are getting out before Memorial Day, including my wonderful sister Amy and awesome cousin Lisa!

From now until the end of school, I'm working with a wonderful teacher who is trying to get in 25 hours of therapy to become a licensed assistant. On Monday, we spent the whole day in therapy and screenings with the exception of a 30-minute lunch. I was bushed! But she was fine. My school is continuing to enroll new students, and it seems like they all have speech services and that none of them are easy cases! I'm tired. So during the Teacher Appreciation Sale on TpT earlier this month, I bought a few products instead of making what I need.

One packet that caught my attention revolves around The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing. I had never heard of the book or the store, The Little Speech Nook.
We read the book, answered the comprehension questions, and worked on vocabulary with All Y'all Need's Speech Bubbles for Vocabulary Development.

From a fourth-grade group:
I love how we can work on vocabulary and artic. I extended the vocabulary words to work on Antonyms and Multiple Meanings. And addressed a few social skills by making them work together. Yes, smellies are still working with some groups.

The younger groups worked with a few choices at a time:
As the year closes, it's helpful for me to read Heather's Heart. She likens all the snipping going on to the fact that classmates are starting to feel like family, becoming comfortable with each other, and using unkind language and actions.

How are you ending the year?
No wild stories this week. Just sending thoughts and prayers to Moore, OK.

From Amy:
#1  Don't you just love a sale?   I am loving one that is good for my serious clip art addiction.
Head over to the creative Sonya Dehart's site for a $1 sale until Monday.   Don't miss it.   I went shopping last night.

#2  Today will be a fun day.    My dad is coming up to do magic show with the sweeties!   He is generous with his time and talent.   He will be doing a little magic for 2nd grade and kindergarten (the rowdy bunch).   After school is a baby shower for one of our sweet librarians.   She's expecting a second baby girl.   We will be celebrating the retirement of another wonderful & oh-so-creative librarian.    I love getting together with my librarian girls.   Can I also admit they promised a treat since it's after school on a Friday afternoon?   Two words, friends, nacho bar.    Yum!

From Laura:

#1: My first fave is Arthur from feedly. I switched to feedly for reading blogs, and I am really liking it. It's a prettier way to read blogs than Google. When I contacted feedly about sharing subscription lists, I didn't expect to get into an email conversation, but that's what happened! Arthur wanted to know why I want to share my 100+ SLP blogs and why I read so many.

Yep, that's 140 SLP blogs. Did you know there are so many? I didn't! Not until Arthur asked me why I read so many!

My reply to Arthur was that I started out in 1993 when the only resources were catalogs. By mail. I'm overloaded on resources now! I just add a blog when I see it, and I guess I just kept adding! So since I have so many, I thought I could just share my list and SLPs could take it and customize it for themselves.

By the way, Arthur said one guy had 480 blogs on his feedly, so I have some catching up to do! Thanks to Arthur for great customer service!

#2: It was nice to come home to an app store update today:
There's just something about popping pigs!

From Lisa:
#1- Reading

Even though I love and will miss my kinder kiddos, I'm so ready for summer! I've already gotten into the bad habit of staying up to read. This ecard says it all!

#2 - Zumba
I went to Zumba tonight with some friends and loved it! Can't wait to start going weekly with them!

I bought stuff at the TpT sale. Stuff I want to try. Stuff I can't print out at school because the color ink cartridge is out. Stuff I forget to print at home. So I improvised this week.

My 3rd-5th graders played Pick Your Points. It's a game I picked up at TSHA several years ago. It is my go-to when there are crazy weeks, and this one had a lot of ARDs, retesting, and a couple of field trips.

K-2 played an open-ended Pizza Game. It is such a cute game. Students build a pizza with foam cutouts. Most really love arranging their pieces into silly faces. The die has colors instead of numbers. I can't find the company anymore, but I have the Cheeseburger, Hot Dog and Picnic games, and I really wish they were still in business.

On Wednesday, it rained, and I got to pull out a old favorite. I got it from a book that I don't remember and don't have anymore. I don't even know the name, but it's perfect for rainy days. Basically, we play with water. We've been in a drought so long that my food colors were crusted shut!

Here are the supplies:
Cups (clear works better), spoons, wax paper, straws, and food color.

* Mix food color into water
* Give each student a sheet of wax paper
* Use straws to plop colorful rain onto wax paper
* Move around and make patterns and different colors

Here is a plop:
The wax paper allows the water to blob up.

Use the straw to make beads:
This is a great activity for cause and effect, following directions, requesting, and using language to describe the different colors and patterns. Most students figure out very quickly that they can combine different blobs to make new colors.

It's just water and food dye, so if a student drinks it, it's non toxic. I'm guessing. Not that it happened to me...

It's also a great lesson in understanding directions for cleaning up!

The activity only lasts about 10 minutes before the water soaks through the wax paper. For the rest of the time, depending on the group, I used a David Shannon book called The Rain Came Down, another book called The Rainstomper, or an app/Stella Story called Rainy Days. They were all popular.

What have you been doing?
No, that's not a misspelling in the title. My sister Amy is a librarian, and that's how her kids often spell her title. And to prove why she is a previous District Employee of the Year, she passed out surveys. She actually let her students rate her and the library! Here are some responses:
 Another creative spelling for librarian - libaryin.
 A superhero fan.

The Golden Touch must be a recent book. It's a popular answer.

But the best one is from Amy's friend who she has been mentoring. She says she bribed him, but take that with a grain of salt. He wouldn't talk to her when he started PK. Last year, he got in trouble at school, and his dad didn't get mad until he told his dad that Ms. S was mad.
What a sweet reward for lots of time put into working with this precious baby! His favorite thing about the library is Mes S (Ms. S). Aww....

Amy is brave. I don't know if I want to see what my kids write after the last week or two! End-of-year fever has hit! When I opened my door and my first-graders started crawling outside while my diag friend was waiting with another student, that was pretty embarrassing. Amy definitely has better relationships!

Do you do surveys with your students?
All Y'all Need has another ABC Order {Freebie} for you! This one is beach themed, perfect for the end of school and talking about vacations and ocean animals.

Download it here, and we appreciate feedback!
From Amy:

Can I just say yum?   The boys at Baked have such fabulous recipes in their cookbooks.   This week were treated to Good Morning Sunshine Bars (on page 22) for Teacher Appreciation Dessert Day.   Three words Y-U-M!

And speaking of Teacher Appreciation Week, I was treated a little gift card from a sweetie.    She used her own allowance money to buy me a gift card to one of my favorite places.....Sonic Drive In!
It's 15 days until summer, when it will be time for cherry limeades.   Ahhhhhh

From Laura:
Friday Fave #1: Teacher Appreciation Week. Our office staff gave us little treats every day like personalized notepads and keychain flashlights. But on Wednesday, two little sweet Kg'ers made my day with treats. First, a pretzel rod with cute candy flowers.
 Next, a jar full of blueberry and banana nut muffins.
Friday Fave #2: Origami Owl. My order just came in, and I love it! I've been playing around with it and putting Amy's order together, too! Here is my daughter's locket with headphones, a volleyball, a turtle, and a starfish.

From Lisa:

Friday Fave #1: Family
My brother got married this past weekend. Although weddings can be hectic and very busy, I was so glad to spend time with my wonderful family. 

 My Mom and I are also glad that we’re finished baking 1,300 cookies! Haha

 Friday Fave #2: Mother’s Day Gifts

My sweet teacher friend found this adorable Mother’s Day gift idea on Pinterest. All you do is spray paint a washer white and then let your students decorate them with nail polish. It’s easy, cheap, and adorable! My kiddos absolutely loved making them!

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