Teachers Care for Oklahoma Fundraiser

Teachers on TpT are working together to help out teachers in Moore, OK. There are currently four bundles on sale. Each one is $25, although the value of each one is over $100. 100% of the proceeds will go to Moore schools. The bundles are only available from today through June 3. Go here for the details. 

All Y'all Need is so honored to be able to help out. Bundle 1 for K-2 includes our memory book. For SLPs, there are a few items in this bundle, including some clipart from the talented Krista Wallden, an I Have, Who Has game from a PK teacher, and a Synonym and Antonym pack. Although these are not specifically for speech, I bet they could be adapted, as well as some of the other products.

Here are links to the other three bundles:
K-2 Bundle 2 - has a WH- question game from Dean Trout, SLP
3-6 and Clipart Bundle 1
3-6 and Clipart Bundle 2

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