Thursday Therapy: The Night Before Summer Vacation

I have 10 more days of school. I'm jealous of the people who are getting out before Memorial Day, including my wonderful sister Amy and awesome cousin Lisa!

From now until the end of school, I'm working with a wonderful teacher who is trying to get in 25 hours of therapy to become a licensed assistant. On Monday, we spent the whole day in therapy and screenings with the exception of a 30-minute lunch. I was bushed! But she was fine. My school is continuing to enroll new students, and it seems like they all have speech services and that none of them are easy cases! I'm tired. So during the Teacher Appreciation Sale on TpT earlier this month, I bought a few products instead of making what I need.

One packet that caught my attention revolves around The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing. I had never heard of the book or the store, The Little Speech Nook.
We read the book, answered the comprehension questions, and worked on vocabulary with All Y'all Need's Speech Bubbles for Vocabulary Development.

From a fourth-grade group:
I love how we can work on vocabulary and artic. I extended the vocabulary words to work on Antonyms and Multiple Meanings. And addressed a few social skills by making them work together. Yes, smellies are still working with some groups.

The younger groups worked with a few choices at a time:
As the year closes, it's helpful for me to read Heather's Heart. She likens all the snipping going on to the fact that classmates are starting to feel like family, becoming comfortable with each other, and using unkind language and actions.

How are you ending the year?

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  1. I love all of Natasha Wing's "Night Before..." books. This is becoming my second fave series behind "There Was an Old Lady..." I just bought "The Night Before Father's Day" at Target the other day..

    1. An excuse - no a reason - to go to Target!


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