Wild Wednesday: Top Down!

Last fall, I lost my hair. Enter the wig. 11 anxious weeks after the last chemo treatment, I finally got a few wisps. About two weeks ago, I decided to ditch the wig. It's a little shocking, I admit.
Here are Amy, Lisa and me from last weekend.

One of my sweet little Kg-ers (who is not speech-only) greeted me the first day with a big smile, a pat on his head, and a "Ms. Deeken! You got your summer cut! You look like a boy!!!!"

He was so happy because he was going to get his hair buzzed for the warm weather, and looking like a boy was a HUGE compliment in his mind!

All of my kids were pretty understanding. There are some sweet kids at my school. And even greater are my family and the staff members who have been so understanding and encouraging. Here's to going top down!

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