Thursday Therapy: Mother's Day Cards

We've been focusing on Mother's Day this week. I always like to start off with a book, this time, What Mommies/Daddies Do Best written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. K-2 read this book. 3-5 talked about Mother's Day.
Yes, that's Laura Numeroff of If You Give a... fame, so you know the book is good! If you flip it over, you get What Daddies Do Best.

I was a little ambitious this week and tried Mother's Day booklets from Karen Jones. They are darling, but even with whittling pages, it was a lot for 30-minute sessions.

This is what my room looked like at the end of the day - construction paper and strips and supplies everywhere! Right before dismissal time, a thunderstorm with hail hit, and it was crazy! I cleaned up a little, but because tomorrow's groups are also making cards, I left everything out in neat piles, depending on your definition of "neat".
 But I think the cards are worth it. Focusing on vocabulary, sentence production and following directions while making a cute gift for Mom has to be worthwhile!

One of my 5th-graders got creative.
 Another 5th-grader's booklet. It's actually green. He got a little creative on the third flower.
 A booklet cover in progress.
Inside are pages to write on and illustrate, such as:
* My mom and I love to....
*The best thing my mom cooks is....
*I love my mom because....

I'll admit that's a tough one for some of the kids. Most answers are along the lines of "she loves me" or "she takes care of me" or "she plays with me". My favorite answers came from my FA kids.
What is your mom's name? Mom
I love my mom because.... she's Mom!

Notes for next time: either allow more time for the booklets OR make a single-page card. Buy glue sticks ahead of time. Actually demonstrate the concept of "dot, dot, not a lot" when using glue bottles instead of just thinking the kids know what that means. Even though they can say it and have been saying it since the first day of Kg, the concept of "dot" keeps growing bigger and bigger!

What have you done this week? Have you celebrated Mother's Day with your groups?

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