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Miss Speechie is hosting a linky about one of my favorite topics, TpT!
I could go on and on. I may have mentioned a couple of times that I started out with snail mail Super Duper and Linguisystems catalogs and snail mail purchase orders. Oh, how times have changed! It's so hard to believe that I only started purchasing in the spring of 2012. I think I have more TpT purchases than school purchases now!

I LOVE all the resources that TpT provides me - and so immediately! No more treks to the teacher store, no more waiting for the school to order for me, no more cobbling materials and toys together. It is truly a timesaver! I'm lucky enough to have a color printer at school, so I can purchase, print, and laminate very quickly.

I love, love, love that I can purchase tested items made by and for SLPs - and at a very reasonable cost. Yes, I have to make it myself, but I have found that to be a small trade-off for the low prices and amount of material.

And yes, I am part of a store, All Y'all Need. I've been lucky enough to meet other SLPs and teachers - both sellers and not - through this experience. It is amazing how TpT is expanding our SLP world.

Mostly, TpT has brought me closer to my sister Amy and my cousin Lisa. We all contribute to our store, and working together and learning about different areas has been beneficial for me school-wise, but much more so, relationship-wise.

I was creating my own materials long before TpT out of necessity. TpT has made me a better creator. But I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Some items that I would have made myself but didn't have to are:

The AAC Starter Kit: Low Tech Tools to Work on Communication by The Dabbling Speechie. Perfect for several of my self-contained students.

Articulation and Language Therapy Joke Books: I'm Joking! by Activity Tailor. Great for working in groups with multiple goals, and who doesn't like jokes?!?

Artic On-the-Go Lapbooks by LyndaSLP123. Super for therapy AND homework.

Minimal Pairs /s/ blends by Speech2U. Minimal pairs make me happy.

Be sure to check out Speech Time Fun's post to find other great posts about TpT and SLPs!

Have you heard?!? TpT is hosting a Cyber Monday Sale - Dec. 1 AND 2! All Y'all Need products will be 20% off. Use the code TPTCYBER at check-out for a total of 28% off! That includes our newest Christmas products, like Santa Claus Says: A Simon Says Game for Christmas Around the World.
 Santa Claus Says by All Y'all Need
Whenever there is a site-wide sale, Jenna from Speech Room News hosts a linky. It is so fun to look at all the products available for SLPs - coming from someone who started her career with Super Duper and Linguisystems catalogs only. (My second year? We got a fax machine to FAX in orders more quickly!) So here are a few of my must-buys:

I love Bingo games, especially ones where students have to use clues to figure out the targeted word. Christmas Bingo Riddles from Speech Sprouts fits the bill!

SparklleSLP always has great products, and her Gingerbread Speech and Language Unit looks like another winner!
And - from our wonderful host - Interactive Books (Winter Set 1) look fabulous for my younger FA kids!
Texas usually gets cold in January/February (relatively so) and The Mitten by Jan Brett is a favorite book of mine. SLPTalk has a great book companion!

Happy shopping!
We are linking with the very talented Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Thanks to my sister Amy, my students practiced speech/language/fluency skills with Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater.
 Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater from All Y'all Need
And talked turkey about facts and opinions:
 Totally Rockin' Turkeys by All Y'all Need

I got to the point where I wasn't just stuffed, I hated myself, thanks to Pioneer Woman and an unexplained cooking frenzy on my part.

I love to have music playing in the background. Songza is hitting the spot!

Starting Monday, BOTH of my schools are doing reindeer games EVERY DAY until December 19th! How fun is that?!? Every day holds a new surprise - like a bonus jeans day, hot chocolate day, candy day, exchange-a-mug day, and of course, ugly sweater day. 
And speaking of reindeer, I'll be prepping Amy's newest Facts & Opinions this week. I have a wonderful sister!
 Reindeer Facts & Opinions by All Y'all Need

We are linking with the very talented Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Our Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater is a fun way to learn and share about the upcoming holiday.
You can pick it up at our store.
 So, last Friday night I went to see the fantastic Patty Griffin at the ACL Live Theater.
It was my first time to see her in concert, even though she is a sometime resident of Austin.
The concert was fantastic, amazing, fabulous, beautiful and need I say more?
She wrote her album "American Kid" for her dad.
I loved all the stories about her dad she shared.
I love Mo Willems!
I have been lucky enough to see him speak and meet him several times.
He is so young!   That is my first thought.
Next, I think about how I wish I could draw like Mo.
Then, I think I wish I had my own Knuffle Bunny or my own Pigeon.
I could go on.....and on.
This week I decided to share "The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!" and "Knuffle Bunny Too" 
with the sweeties.
My favorite thing about these stories on DVD is that they are voiced by Mo, his wife 
and daughter, Trixie.   There are a quite few hilarious ad libs from Mo and Trixie.
It was our Fall Scholastic Book Fair this week.   Well, we finish up on Tuesday.   
Two more days of school and two more days of book fair. 
Can you say tired?
It is a lot of fun, but boy-oh-boy,  it is work.
I am glad the sweeties get a chance to buy some books at school.
They get soooooo excited!
The reason we only have 2 more days of school?
Thanksgiving Holidays, of course.
We are wishing you all a very happy, thankful and safe Thanksgiving.
It has been a little cold outside here in Texas.

But our hearts are warm thank to the current fundraiser on TpT.

Please join us to help Post Elementary in Post, Texas recover from a devastating fire.

Very generous TpT sellers have donated terrific products to benefit this fundraiser.

 Have a wonderful day,

So, the cold weather made us start thinking about weather.   Wild weather, that is.   We live in Tornado Alley.    It may not be tornado season, but we were inspired to stay home and whip up a new product.
Tornado: Fact and Opinion

And look who is else is whipping up something for colder weather....

Which one is your favorite holiday drink?

Stay warm!

Happy first week of November! I have to say, I am glad October is over. After having a month full of a broken wrist and Snapshot, I was overjoyed to see the calendar turn to Nov. 1.
We are joining with the talented Kasey over at Doodlebugs today.
I'm thankful for Amy, my sister and an elementary-school librarian. She lets me know about the best books. The Poppy Lady was perfect to bring out for Veterans Day.
 The Poppy Lady

And Amy also made this Veterans Day Unit for me. I'll be using the Fact & Opinion on Monday. We have off on Tuesday.
 Veterans Day for SLPs by All Y'all Need

If you need something for Veterans Day, All Y'all Need also has a ABC Order {Freebie}.
 ABC Order for Veterans Day Freebie by All Y'all Need

A hint for my Secret Santa.

And, a family reunion! ALL is ALL together this weekend with a visit from Lisa, who brought my Texas Tech son as a surprise!

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