Why SLPs Need TpT

Miss Speechie is hosting a linky about one of my favorite topics, TpT!
I could go on and on. I may have mentioned a couple of times that I started out with snail mail Super Duper and Linguisystems catalogs and snail mail purchase orders. Oh, how times have changed! It's so hard to believe that I only started purchasing in the spring of 2012. I think I have more TpT purchases than school purchases now!

I LOVE all the resources that TpT provides me - and so immediately! No more treks to the teacher store, no more waiting for the school to order for me, no more cobbling materials and toys together. It is truly a timesaver! I'm lucky enough to have a color printer at school, so I can purchase, print, and laminate very quickly.

I love, love, love that I can purchase tested items made by and for SLPs - and at a very reasonable cost. Yes, I have to make it myself, but I have found that to be a small trade-off for the low prices and amount of material.

And yes, I am part of a store, All Y'all Need. I've been lucky enough to meet other SLPs and teachers - both sellers and not - through this experience. It is amazing how TpT is expanding our SLP world.

Mostly, TpT has brought me closer to my sister Amy and my cousin Lisa. We all contribute to our store, and working together and learning about different areas has been beneficial for me school-wise, but much more so, relationship-wise.

I was creating my own materials long before TpT out of necessity. TpT has made me a better creator. But I'm not going to reinvent the wheel. Some items that I would have made myself but didn't have to are:

The AAC Starter Kit: Low Tech Tools to Work on Communication by The Dabbling Speechie. Perfect for several of my self-contained students.

Articulation and Language Therapy Joke Books: I'm Joking! by Activity Tailor. Great for working in groups with multiple goals, and who doesn't like jokes?!?

Artic On-the-Go Lapbooks by LyndaSLP123. Super for therapy AND homework.

Minimal Pairs /s/ blends by Speech2U. Minimal pairs make me happy.

Be sure to check out Speech Time Fun's post to find other great posts about TpT and SLPs!

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