Happy April! April means:
1) Bluebonnets in Texas!
2) It's my birthday month!
3) Time for some April Fools' Fun!
4) All of the above, so welcome to:
Kelly from Speech2U is always fun, and she is hosting the 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop. Be sure to visit her page to see all the wonderful participants. Plus, she has a B&W printable to help you keep track of your answers.
Here's how it works: we are all writing 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves. Your job is to decide which one is the lie for each person, enter your answers at Speech Universe, and get the most correct answers to be the winner of a $50 Amazon card. So here goes:

A) My brush with fame - Vivian Baker, the mother of George Eads (actor from CSI) was my principal and then superintendent.
B) On the way to TSHA, my co-workers and I were talking instead of following directions. I drove right through Dallas and had to turn around to get to the hotel and convention center. This was before Siri.
C) I literally dropped out of ski school, or I guess dropped down, when I fainted. And - I wasn't the only one in my family to get altitude sickness!
So which one is it? I'll be leaving clues on Instagram this week, so be sure to follow All Y'all Need to get the correct fib! (Do those two words go together?)

I hope you are having fun getting to know everyone better! Be sure to visit Peachie Speechie next!
 Peachie Speechie 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop

Our fun Spring Meet Up hostesses did an incredible job putting together the
Spring Blogger Meet Up.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you Brittany and Holly!
We went to Indiana's French Lick Resort.
The hallway?   Yep, we know what you are thinking.
(hint:  it's a Jack Nicholson movie)
The lobby was a top-notch hangout for teachers.
It was so pretty, comfy and great for 
hanging out before events.
Especially if you need to follow someone because you get lost
very easily in big places (or small places)....that would be me.
Teacher Swag like no other!
Erin Condren beautiful and oh-so-useful planner!  Major score.   Thank you, Erin.
Go Noodle co-sponsored the PJ party and gave everyone lanyards.   Thank you!
Scentos markers, gel pins and stickers!   Whoo hoo!
Vera Bradley sent the perfect shopping tote for everyone!  Love, love, love!
Lakeshore Learning sent teacher bags....yes, for everyone!  Thank you!
Thank you, Teachers Pay Teachers for co-sponsoring the Saturday night
PJ Party.
Y'all know we love us our Team TpT!
Say what?
Oh yes!
We captured the moment with some of our friends.
Keep reading.
Seriously, you will want to read to the very end of this post.
Keep going to the very end.
Inspiration overload this weekend!
It was so fun to meet some of the Elementary Entourage girls.
We love and adore them!
We were certainly inspired by Jessica, Brittany and Melissa.
Dang, they are young.   I really think I could be their mother.
So, thanks for letting me hang out with the young crowd, ladies.
Check out their blogs and Instagrams.
You will love their enthusiasm and personalities right away.
We meet more friends.  Yay!
Dana is so talented and friendly.   Her blog is Common to the Core.
Our sparkly friend with the beautiful smile can be found 
at Simpson's Superstars.   She is quite hysterical!
The Glitter Girls from Mississippi are way, way, way FUN!!!
And we are super excited Suz won the SDE National Conference gift certificate!
We are already looking forward to seeing these friends in July.
You know we were happy to see our Texas friends Carmen and Julie.
Texans in Indiana?
I like it!
 The Teacher Blogger PJ Party was fabulous!
Thank you, Go Noodle and Teachers Pay Teachers!
We loved the photo booth at the PJ Party.
Here we are joking around with two talented and lovely ladies.
Y'all know and love Megan already from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade.
Annie from Ride Away with Mrs. Ridgway is so stinkin' cute.
She's teaching and planning her upcoming wedding.
It is simply impossible not to have a blast when
Thank you Brenda at Primary Inspired for hosting the linky party!
Here is your chance to find out all about the weekend!  

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching hosts a weekly linky.
We love to join in.
I had Spring Break last week.
It was tough to set the alarm back to 5:30 a.m. on Monday.
Luckily, my two licensed assistants were prepared. One used March Mayhem Word Brackets from Schoolhouse Talk.
Students loved it!
And there are always make-up groups.
Because students loved these earlier in the month, she brought Make a Rainbow (DIY) Stick Game from Mia McDaniel back for an encore.

Are you ready for spring? For just a few more hours, Hop and Hunt is going on! Just click on the picture!

I've seen it twice. Be sure to follow us on Instagram! There might be something inspired by the movie coming up soon!

Lots of things are happening. So it was good to visit with friends and listen to the wisdom of Luci Swindoll.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Y'all know we love our fairy tales.
So, this week a talented, local performing group is coming to my school to do a retelling of 
"Jack and the Beanstalk".
I mean, who does not love this classic story?
Magic? Check.
Giant? Check.
Little boy hero? Check.
Hiding from a giant?  Check.
Magic beans? Check.
Magic harp?  Check.
Golden eggs?  Check.

I thought I would share some of my favorite ways to share Jack and that meanie Giant 
with the sweeties.

The sweeties love the drawing what the magic beans look like.
And sharing what they would do with a bag of gold coins.
And, of course, the sweeties love getting to be the giant with his
"Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum".

Happy Tuesday, Y'All!

From Amy:
Lisa and I had sooooooooo much fun at the Indiana Blogger Meet Up over Spring Break.

We did a fun activity of bringing our favorite teacher tool for an exchange.
I mean, who does not like to get gifts?
I really like to give gifts, too.

Thank you Amanda Pauley for our cute story about Left and Right
during the Teacher Tool Exchange.
 Look what I got to bring home!
That's right.
I received an awesome new glue gun and glue sticks.
Yes, that is the long glue sticks.
You know those little sticks simply do not last long enough!

And I am so excited because someone borrowed my glue gun at school and "forgot" to return it.

My gift was from the adorable Tiffany Copple of Mrs. Copple's Rockin' Firsties
And because one blog is not enough (say what?).
You can find Tiffany and her techie teacher friend Brittany at
I got to attend the break session of iPad Ideas with Tiffany and Brittany.
All I can say is, "wow, wow, wow, wow".
These girls are AH-MaZiNg!

From Lisa:
I received a gift card to the The Dollar Tree and four packages of plastic eggs
to be used for various games.
Needless to say, Greg from The Kindergarten Smorgasboard and I had a blast shopping
at The Dollar Tree.
My gift was from the sensational Kim Adsit of Kinder Gals.
So thankful that The Dollar Store Diva shared her ideas! 
To see more Teacher Tools click on over to Miss DeCarbo's Second Grade Sugar and Spice
Thank you so much for hosting the Linky, Christina!
We really enjoyed meeting you in Indiana.

I would also like to thank Tallahassee Sunday for donating an adorable teacher pencil! 
Seriously??? Could this be any cuter?!?!?! 
I was beyond excited to win! 
I would also like to give a shout out to Sit Spots for donating a $50.00 gift card! 
We discovered SitSpots last summer at I Teach K! 
I have talked non stop about how wonderful they are! 

 Hop and Hunt: All Y'all Need
Just click on the picture to get started!
It's Spring Break.  Almost the end of Spring Break.
But we are still soaking up what time we have left.
Kacey at Doodlebugs Teaching hosts a weekly linky.
We love to join in.
Lisa and I headed off on a road-trip weekend in a state we had never been to before.
A little place called Indiana.
It is a l-o-n-g way from The Lone Star State.
We met up for the Spring Blogger Meet Up hosted by the 
I stand in awe of both of these incredible women.
Here is just a small group of friends out for dinner at the beautiful French Lick Resort.
Friends was the theme of the weekend.
We got to meet and hang out with Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom.
Oh my stars, she is adorable!
So, so, so happy we are all friends now.
These two teachers put the f-u-n in fun!
They are the Kinder Glitter Gals from Mississippi.
We became instant friends with Jamie and Jodi.
We are quite jealous that they get to teach together.
Did I mention there was even a PJ party?
Here we are with more friends we made in Indiana.
Megan Wheeler from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade is so talented.   
We are big fans.
And we wanted to pack Annie from Ride Away with Mrs. Ridgway in our suitcase
and bring her back to Texas.
We were lucky to hang out with these hilarious girls at the meet up!
From Indiana to Nashville.
We were so excited to have lunch with our friend Elizabeth from
Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking time out of your Spring Break to meet us 
at Puckett's.  Yum, yum, yum!
We loved catching up with you!
SXSW means Jimmy Kimmel comes to Austin!
I am glad it happens during our Spring Break so I can watch every night.
I tried to win tickets for me and my BFF, but those Jimmy Kimmel
tickets are in demand.
Looking forward to seeing Willie Nelson on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.
And hope you all enjoy the first day of Spring 2015!
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