2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop

Happy April! April means:
1) Bluebonnets in Texas!
2) It's my birthday month!
3) Time for some April Fools' Fun!
4) All of the above, so welcome to:
Kelly from Speech2U is always fun, and she is hosting the 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop. Be sure to visit her page to see all the wonderful participants. Plus, she has a B&W printable to help you keep track of your answers.
Here's how it works: we are all writing 2 truths and 1 lie about ourselves. Your job is to decide which one is the lie for each person, enter your answers at Speech Universe, and get the most correct answers to be the winner of a $50 Amazon card. So here goes:

A) My brush with fame - Vivian Baker, the mother of George Eads (actor from CSI) was my principal and then superintendent.
B) On the way to TSHA, my co-workers and I were talking instead of following directions. I drove right through Dallas and had to turn around to get to the hotel and convention center. This was before Siri.
C) I literally dropped out of ski school, or I guess dropped down, when I fainted. And - I wasn't the only one in my family to get altitude sickness!
So which one is it? I'll be leaving clues on Instagram this week, so be sure to follow All Y'all Need to get the correct fib! (Do those two words go together?)

I hope you are having fun getting to know everyone better! Be sure to visit Peachie Speechie next!
 Peachie Speechie 2 Facts and A Fib Blog Hop

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