The Frenzied SLPs for March: #Lucky2BeAnSLP

Feelin' lucky? How about a lucky seven post to make your frenzied SLP life easier?

#1) Want to type in IPA? Or secret code to other SLPs? Check out KG Miss Speechy Font! Free for personal use!
#2) Change your Apple icons! This is my sister's clip art collection.
#3) And organize your TpT purchases with this great idea from Speech2u!
#4) TinkerLab is a fun website my licensed assistant introduced me to. It's not SLP-centered, but it has fun ideas to incorporate into therapy.
#5) Enchanted Learning has TONS of word banks. I am always using their vocabulary lists!

#6) I wrote about storing test materials in 2012, and I am still in love with expanding folders.
#7) Sometimes, you need a little humor in your frenzied SLP life. Check out What We Should Call SLP, some Erik X Raj posts, or hang a few Humorous Signs for SLPs around your room.
Whether it's organization, therapy ideas, or humor, I hope these ideas are useful so that you are less frenzied!

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