Speech Therapy: Organizing Tests

Several years ago, my Special Ed. Director brought in an organizational expert. She introduced me to these wonderful file folders, and I'm going on year #10 of using them. They're a little expensive at $15.79 for only 4 at Staples, but they have been a lifesaver for my testing materials. Here's a close-up of one:
Before I used these files, my tests and protocols were all stacked on a shelf in my cabinet. Oh, I started off the year organized, but it didn't stay that way for long. I would grab tests and protocols and shove them back in wherever they fit. This system in the filing drawer is so much easier to use. I can grab what I need, and there's a dedicated, one-step place to put everything back in. 

Because I usually open from the side, here's the view I have:
Well, this is the view when I'm standing on a chair. I'm on the short side, but it's easier to show you this way. I know what tests and protocols I have and which ones I need. The only things that don't fit in here are the TOPS 2 and my box of Preschool Language Scale manipulatives. And really, how hard is it to mess up two boxes?

This picture is from February 2012. There is no way I would ever show you a picture of the cabinet I previously stored my tests in February. These folders make storing testing materials practical, easy and efficient.

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