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Getting ready to do progress reports at the end of the semester? Grab our progress report covers, designed to print out in black and white for large caseloads, for $2. It's a wonderful way to let parents and teachers know what you're giving them!
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Here's our newest product, just in time for Christmas and the big sale on Monday and Tuesday. It's $3.50 regularly. This is a great way to discuss social skills for the season.
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Get ready to see who is naughty or nice!

You decide if these students belong on Santa’s Naughty List or Santa’s Nice List:
Dirty Desk Diva, Bossy Britches, Neat Pete, Kind Kid, Playground Puncher, Caring Champ, and many others.

To help you decide, there are descriptions of each students’ behavior. Use this as a matching activity between student names and behavior descriptions.

Whole group discussion requires critical thinking skills and evaluation. Great chance to talk about social skills and creating solutions to a behavior.

3 recording sheets are provided for students to:
name who goes on Santa’s Nice List
name who goes on Santa’s Naughty List
Help Santa by highlighting who is on his Nice List

Also, I just found about a new shop by Christy Rollins, here, that focuses on Reading Street. Christy teaches with my cousin. Check out her store!

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All Y'all Need is offering a Christmas freebie! This is a good introduction or review of holiday vocabulary. Answers can be written, or use cut-and-paste to address fine-motor skills. Merry Christmas!
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All Y'all Need is proud to present our latest product, Holiday Happenings: A Game of WH- Questions. For $3.50, there are 21 pages of WH- cards and variations of ways to play. The game can be a stand-alone activity, but I always like to use books in therapy.

One of my favorite holiday books is The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon (yes, the author of the David books and more). The book provides a TON of vocabulary activities, plus it's a pretty good book.

When my son was younger, this book made him sad because of the way the neighbors react. There are a lot of feelings in this book, making it a good choice for social skills, too.

Anyway, back to the game. Most of my groups are twice a week, so I would do the book the first session and use the game the second session. Perfect plan for the last week before break!

As a follow-up to Fall Funnies, our newest product is Winter Witticisms. This set of jokes includes both Christmas and winter jokes and is designed to help students who have difficulty understanding humor. Students can either brainstorm to come up with punchlines or decide on the punchline through process of elimination. The set is $1.75.
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Although I'm heartbroken about the devastation caused by Sandy, I am hopeful about a unique way to help out. Larah at The ESOL Odyssey has started Teachers help Teachers. We are donating items from our store to help teachers and SLPs out at this difficult time.

Click the link above to if you want to donate or if you need items.

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love that it's not that commercialized and focuses on family and being grateful. I also LOVE the fall colors, which is weird because we don't really have fall in Central Texas. It's more like a lot of summer with a couple of winter days thrown in around January/February. Maybe it's the idea of fall that I like!

In the past, I've done the daily gratitudes on FaceBook and the thanks at the family table. Since this is my first Thanksgiving blogging, I thought I would do gratitudes for speech therapy. Sometimes I focus on what I don't have, like iPads for all the SLPs without any way to buy apps. Or a less-than-ideal system for doing ARDs and FIEs. Or going through hoops just to get things like ink cartridges and office supplies. You get the idea.

So here are the things I'm thankful for:

* being in a helping profession
* my AWESOME, WONDERFUL speech team. There are 5 SLPs covering my elementary through the end of the semester, and the rest are also stepping up to help with paperwork, testing, etc. They have all rearranged schedules and been very willing to do what needs to be done.
* supportive administrators. When I first found out the diagnosis of breast cancer just before school started, both my director and principal immediately told me to do what I needed and go to any appointments and not worry about school.
* my school district. Everyone has been so wonderful and supportive. Special Ed provided support and meals, as did my husband's middle school, but everywhere I go, there is someone from the district encouraging me.
* Blogs, Pinterest and Teachers pay Teachers. What wonderful new resources!
* my students. I feel most at home doing therapy at the round table.
* my room, newly painted thanks to my principal and newly decorated thanks to family and friends!
* my CFY. She takes initiative, and I only have to tell her things one time.

I'm sure there are things I'm forgetting that I will have to go back and add. But I already feel better focusing on the good things! What are you thankful for?
All Y'all Need's most recent product is Multiple Meaning Words.
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Cards include options for teaching multiple meaning words along with extension questions. The set is $2.

If it seems like all my posts lately are for our store, I guess that's true. While I'm on leave, creating materials on the computer is a doable activity for me. Plus, I tend to blog in phases (see all the baking posts over the summer), and this is my phase now. Happy shopping!

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