All Y'all Need on TpT: Naughty or Nice?

Here's our newest product, just in time for Christmas and the big sale on Monday and Tuesday. It's $3.50 regularly. This is a great way to discuss social skills for the season.
                                                 Source: via Laura on Pinterest
Get ready to see who is naughty or nice!

You decide if these students belong on Santa’s Naughty List or Santa’s Nice List:
Dirty Desk Diva, Bossy Britches, Neat Pete, Kind Kid, Playground Puncher, Caring Champ, and many others.

To help you decide, there are descriptions of each students’ behavior. Use this as a matching activity between student names and behavior descriptions.

Whole group discussion requires critical thinking skills and evaluation. Great chance to talk about social skills and creating solutions to a behavior.

3 recording sheets are provided for students to:
name who goes on Santa’s Nice List
name who goes on Santa’s Naughty List
Help Santa by highlighting who is on his Nice List

Also, I just found about a new shop by Christy Rollins, here, that focuses on Reading Street. Christy teaches with my cousin. Check out her store!

Are you filling up your wish lists for Monday and Tuesday? All of our store, including Naughty or Nice, will be 20% off, plus use code CMT12 for an additional discount at check-out. Happy shopping!

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