Happy Halloween!
We are joining with the talented Kasey over at Doodlebugs today.
Sale time!
Our store is 20% Friday and Saturday.
We love sales.   We love TpT.   
 I know I shared my some of my favorite Halloween books on Tuesday.
But I have to mention my all-time favorite, numero uno choice.
Harriet makes me so happy.   
She is dog who loves her candy.   She loves sorting her candy.  She hides her candy.  And unwillingly shares her candy.
Most of all, I love her mad sorting skills.
The Hallo-Wiener is a must each Halloween.
I mean he is the best.
A couple of years ago, I got to see Dav Pilkey in person.
This would have never happened years ago.   The man did not do school visits or publishing tours.
Now, he is out and about talking books.
He is such a nice man.   
It was a joy to meet him and talk to him.
I knew I had seen Spookley before.
But I did not realize the genius of a little square, pumpkin.
The video Spookley the Square Pumpkin is so entertaining.
I think this is the case of the movie being better than the book.
Yep, I said it and I mean it.
And, while we are talking movies.
I went to the movies last weekend with my BFF.
We saw St. Vincent.
Run, don't walk to see it.
If you are a Bill Murray fan, you will not be disappointed.
If you love Melissa McCarthy, get ready to see her as a struggling mom.
And, I did not know Jaeden Lieberher before the movie.
But he is P-R-E-C-I-O-U-S.
Just a note.   My BFF and I are already threatening to order each other the massaging seat covers for Christmas gifts.

Enjoy your Halloween weekend!

Halloween is happening.
October is on the way out.

Before it is totally gone, I thought I would share some of my favorite books to read with the sweeties.
Seriously, you cannot go wrong with any of these books.

If you need something for your sweeties to show off their knowledge of the eight-legged creepy creatures, try out Spiders: Fact and Opinion.
If you need a little Halloween activity, check out our Halloween: Informative Reader's Theater.
Many of our sweeties celebrate The Day of the Dead.   If you need something to teach your students about this day or give your students a chance to share about their culture, try our Informative Reader's Theater.
And, finally, it is World Series time.   And we have a little Fact and Opinion activity that's all about America's pastime.
Hope you get lots of treats this week and no tricks,

No, not those kinds of snakes. I'm not ready to face my phobia head on just yet. Last year, I did weeks on bats and spiders, and I can't repeat those at the same school. So, it's Snake Week. Yay.

But to make things better for me, you get a benefit! Snakebit is a open-ended game in our store, All Y'all Need.
 Snakebit by All Y'all Need
Students get to draw out snakes after completing a task, and there are Extra Turn and Snakebit cards to liven things up. Plus, there's a B&W homework sheet.

Thanks for taking a look, and stay safe from sneaky snakes!
Hi! It's Laura after a 3-week absence. I could tell you about covering extra work (yawn), a broken wrist (embarrassing), or Ebola in the local news (yikes!), but it's Friday. FRIDAY!!! So let's move on to more pleasant topics, shall we?
We are linking with the very talented Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

It's finally fall in Central Texas!
Once the daily highs fall below 85 degrees, I can't wait to break out the fall stuff!
Maybe it's because we don't have much of a fall.
One day, I'll take a fall foliage trip.
We got into vocabulary and artic with an Autumn Write and Say the Room activity.
It's an activity and homework all in one!

Confession time: Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.
If you are in the same boat, or if you want something not too scary,
check out Mouse, Look Out!
It's a suggestion from my awesome librarian sister, Amy.
There's a black cat chasing an unsuspecting mouse.
An abandoned mansion.
Lovely words and a pattern.
Suspenseful and mysterious but not scary.
Hidden clues. I find something new every time I read this book.
Or at least my students do.
And it kept the attention of Kg-5th along with Functional Academics.

Let's talk babies!
Not mine. They are 19 and 16 years old.
My licensed assistant had a beautiful baby girl.
I got to hold her and get my baby fix
And then I saw this cutie from Late Nights and Lattes.
His daddy is PJ, and he redesigned our blog.
Luckily, we got to him before little Theo was born.
And Lisa shared this on Instagram:
Yes, I'm sharing Lisa's news.
It's happy.

I was so excited to see a beginning AAC product from The Dabbling Speechie!
The AAC Starter Kit is now $15.
I got it for $9 with the introductory offer.
Be sure to follow your favorite sellers to get deals like this!
If you missed it, this kit is still a steal at full price.
Once I get my splint off, I'll make the activities.
Oh, man. I wasn't going to talk about unpleasant things.
Somehow, they snuck in.
So I'll end with a pretty boy (and new daddy):

We are linking with the very talented Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

This week was all about Fire Safety with K-2nd.
Above are some of my favorites to read aloud when we study fire safety.
But to mix things up, I added two new books to our topic.
The sweeties gave their stamp of approval.
We finished up by practicing calling 911 and naming a meeting place for our families.
Here is a freebie for Fire Safety words that your sweeties can alphabetize.

Monday night on Dancing With the Stars we saw The Carlton dance!
It was fantastic!
So many good memories of the The Fresh Prince.

Are you a Chuy's fan?   Raise your hand.   
I am raising both hands.
I had Chuy's delicious Tex-Mex food this week.
If you have not had Chuy's this week, this is your reminder.
Always ask for the creamy jalape├▒o dip.
This is the kind of week when spiders can make a top 5 list.
Educlips has these freebies in her TpT store and on her website.
These bright, friendly spiders are so cute.
Congratulations to Peter Sis.
He is being honored with the Mazza Medallion from the Mazza Museum.
The Mazza Museum is an incredible place.
It celebrates illustrations in children's books.
It is part of the University of Findlay.
I was lucky enough to attend a summer conference a few years ago at the Mazza.

I had the honor of hearing Peter Sis give a speech.
The entire room was spellbound.
Of course, the entire room was women who loved his accent.
And he does have an incredible accent and beautiful blue eyes.

Mr. Sis spoke of growing up in a Communist country.
He spoke passionately about protecting art and artistic freedoms.
His father worked as a filmmaker.
His mother was an artist.
Not exactly ideal jobs in a time of artistic repression.
In 2012, Mr. Sis was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award.
Congratulations on the Mazza Medallion in 2014.

Morning Duty, Parent Conferences, Paul McCartney Concert, and Bicycle Rodeo....OH MY!

This week has been all kinds of crazy! Therefore, I'm just now getting my Five For Fridays done on Saturday. 

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ABC Football 

This week, I played Kickin' It In Kindergarten's ABC Football with my class. They absolutely LOVED IT!!! (Especially the touch down dance) Elizabeth Hall is absolutely precious and I'm so glad that she shared this fabulous idea! You can check out her blog post here: ABC Football
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Erin Condren Notebook

I use my EC notebook daily. I don't leave home without it!

Divider 3


I absolutely love ESGI! It helps me tremendously with data, testing, etc.... I absolutely love the Parent Conferencer tab. I plug in my class list, set up conference times and viola! I can download parent conference note, reminders, my conference schedule, etc... My school's subscription ends in January and have chosen to not renew. I honestly don't know what I'll do without it. :(

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Number Construction Kits

My kinder kiddos love constructing numbers. They are a fantastic math station. You can find the number and alphabet construction kits at learning resources. 

Divider 5

Paul McCartney Concert

This week, I attended the Paul McCartney concert! It was amazing!!! Paul played for over 3 hours without a break! He played the piano, ukulele, and multiple guitars. He is an incredible musician!  His set list consisted of 40 songs. He also played a tribute to Buddy Holly and The Crickets since he was in Lubbock. The concert was truly a "bucket list" experience. :) 

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