Five for Friday Oct. 17

Hi! It's Laura after a 3-week absence. I could tell you about covering extra work (yawn), a broken wrist (embarrassing), or Ebola in the local news (yikes!), but it's Friday. FRIDAY!!! So let's move on to more pleasant topics, shall we?
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It's finally fall in Central Texas!
Once the daily highs fall below 85 degrees, I can't wait to break out the fall stuff!
Maybe it's because we don't have much of a fall.
One day, I'll take a fall foliage trip.
We got into vocabulary and artic with an Autumn Write and Say the Room activity.
It's an activity and homework all in one!

Confession time: Halloween isn't my favorite holiday.
If you are in the same boat, or if you want something not too scary,
check out Mouse, Look Out!
It's a suggestion from my awesome librarian sister, Amy.
There's a black cat chasing an unsuspecting mouse.
An abandoned mansion.
Lovely words and a pattern.
Suspenseful and mysterious but not scary.
Hidden clues. I find something new every time I read this book.
Or at least my students do.
And it kept the attention of Kg-5th along with Functional Academics.

Let's talk babies!
Not mine. They are 19 and 16 years old.
My licensed assistant had a beautiful baby girl.
I got to hold her and get my baby fix
And then I saw this cutie from Late Nights and Lattes.
His daddy is PJ, and he redesigned our blog.
Luckily, we got to him before little Theo was born.
And Lisa shared this on Instagram:
Yes, I'm sharing Lisa's news.
It's happy.

I was so excited to see a beginning AAC product from The Dabbling Speechie!
The AAC Starter Kit is now $15.
I got it for $9 with the introductory offer.
Be sure to follow your favorite sellers to get deals like this!
If you missed it, this kit is still a steal at full price.
Once I get my splint off, I'll make the activities.
Oh, man. I wasn't going to talk about unpleasant things.
Somehow, they snuck in.
So I'll end with a pretty boy (and new daddy):

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