Last year, Amy had the grand idea to present at TSHA. And they accepted us! So we applied again this year and were told speakers would know around Oct. 1. The school year was busy, and on Oct. 3, I realized we had not heard anything. So I was super surprised one Friday night when I got a Speaker Agreement. Turns out we are back, this time with:
If you are going to TSHA, we would love to see you! We'll be in Room 340, Thursday, 1:30-2:30 p.m. at the George R. Brown Convention Center. If you want to learn more about supporting literacy in therapy, we have three ideas for you. First up is Write and Say the Room units:
We have you covered with these units - Winter, Spring, Summer, Back to School, Autumn, and Christmas! Plus, ALL of these units are on a door prize CD!

Learn how to use Story Element Cards in therapy with Amy:
This is a {freebie} in our store right now.

And find out how to have fun with Informative Reader's Theaters! Amy has used TEKS objectives, holidays, and high-frequency words to combine oral language and literacy The two sets on the door prize include every holiday from January to June and from July to December, including a few I had to learn about, like Constitution Day and Poinsettia Day.
And if that's not enough, we have two more CDs full of literacy activities from some of our friends! One of the CDs includes:
I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie: Activities for Speech and Language from All Y'all Need
Goodnight, Gorilla Book Companion from Expressly Speaking
Jack and the Beanstalk Book Companion from The Speech Bubble SLP
The Little Red Hen from Practically Speeching
Story Grammar Prompts from Schoolhouse Talk
The Three Little Pigs PK Book Companion from Jenna Rayburn of Speech Room News

And yet another CD with:
Santa is Coming to Texas Book Companion from All Y'all Need
Fortunately Fans from All Y'all Need
Flag by the Fire Station from Kathy Grover of Speech All the Time
Mrs. Wishy Washy Book Companion from Expressly Speaking
The Hallo-Wiener Book Companion from The Speech Bubble SLP
The Hat Book Companion from Practically Speeching

Lisa has been busy setting up even MORE door prizes! We hope to see you for some fun and learning!

And if you are looking for even more resources, check out these links, most of whom are participating in the TpT 3 Million Strong Sale Feb. 27-28 - remember to use code TPT3 at check-out!

Well, who would've known that we would pick the same days as TpT to hold a TSHA sale? Yep, we had already planned on putting all of our items from All Y'all Need on sale for 20% off Feb 27-March 1. Now, TpT is helping out by giving an additional discount for using the code TPT3 at checkout!
Graphics by Susan See
Our sale will last through Saturday night in case you are at TSHA and want to shop at home.

One of the TSHA projects this year is a book drive, which is right up Amy's alley! I think my librarian sister already has 3 bags to donate! And that dovetails nicely with our presentation - room 340 on Thursday from 1:30-2:30 - called Speech and Language Therapy with a Twist of Literacy. Here's a peek:
We would love to see you! And we have some special prizes in store. Come back tomorrow to get a preview of those!
All Y'all Need will be participating in the 3 Million Strong TpT sale Feb. 27-28! Here's the weird thing - we already had a sale planned for those exact two days because of TSHA. TpT may say their theme is 3 Million Strong, but I think they just wanted an excuse to join in the TSHA fun!

Our store will be 20% off. Use the discount code TPT3 at checkout to save more! And if you miss out on the weekday sale, our store will still be 20% off through Saturday night. Here are a few items from our store just for spring with the regular prices:
Texas Two Step, $8
Informative Reader's Theater - Holidays January to June, $16 for 17 holidays and 300+ pages
List and Say - Topics for 12 Months, $4
Spring Write and Say the Room, $2.50
Precious Pandas - Fact & Opinion, $3
Mardi Gras Merriment, $2.50

And now, here are a few things in my cart. Check out Speech Room News to view more ideas!
First is March into Speech and Language by 1sparklleslp - a huge packet with clovers, basketball, weather and spring!
Next is a Sporty Multisyllabic Pack from Twin Sisters Speech and Language. It will be great for my boy-heavy caseload!
And another packet from Speech2u, Minimal Pairs with /s/ blends. I looove minimal pairs, so I'm excited about this item!
I'd love to hear what you're buying!

This week, Amy, Lisa and I are headed to Houston for TSHA! TSHA (pronounced "tisha", rhymes with "Tricia") is the Texas State Hearing and Associations annual convention. But before we get there, we have a few things to share.

First, Central and West Texas are not known for Mardi Gras celebrations. But Galveston, which is near Houston, has a grand ol' time! We were inspired to try to share the fun with our newest unit, Mardi Gras Merriment!
Mardi Gras Merriment is all about celebrating with 14 pages and $2.50. Here's what you get:

ABC Order Activity: vocabulary words are crown, dancing, gumbo, jazz, king, mask, New Orleans, parade and queen

Read and Draw: Students are asked to read factual sentences about Mardi Gras. Students are asked to follow simple instructions to add to a drawing. Students answer a personal connection question.

Ask Away Game: Students play a fun Ask Away game based on Guess Who?

How Many Words Can You Make?: Students are challenged to make 10 or more words using only the letters in Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Chat: Students write definitions for doubloons, fleur-de-lis, krewe, New Orleans and parade

And guess what? You can get it THIS WEEK Feb. 27-28 with the big TpT sale! All of the items from All Y'all Need will be 20% off, plus TpT is throwing in an additional discount!

Okay, on to TSHA... Our state convention hosts around 5,000 attendees and has multiple break-out sessions in many different strands. And guess who the keynote speaker is? Brene Brown, who will be telling us about Daring Greatly.

If you're going to TSHA, we are presenting (gulp!) on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. in Room 340. More on that tomorrow!

From Amy:
#1   Ariel and Flouder are visiting Big D, so we went to Dallas.  Road trip!    I was lucky to be invited to go under the sea with Laura, a friend and my niece.    The play was AH-MaZiNg!    Thank you, Laura, for a wonderful birthday!

#2   I had a meeting this week with two former students.   They left my school in 2nd grade (we are a primary campus).   They are now in the 8th grade.    The sweet girls have chosen literacy as their gift back to our community for their Girl Scout Silver Award.     They are volunteering their time to read books aloud, record them and share with our students.     They had to meet with me with their proposal.     Of course, I granted permission immediately!     It was fun to see the two girls check out books from our picture book collection.

#3   I have been enjoying Team USA go for the gold.   Have you?    It has been fun watching the Olympics.    Of course, I like watching the figure skating and ice dancing.    The snowboarding is wild!   I could go on, but you are probably tuned into the Olympics yourself.

From Laura:
#1 - Remember how things come in three's? Well, Feb. 27 is a big day for us! Tune in next week for a whole week of TSHA! Plus two other surprises!

#2 - Creatively Blue. It's a new crafting blog run by a fellow district employee. Check out these darling pillows!
#3 - I learned how to get electronic signatures on the iPad! Thanks to my LSSP for teaching me how to do this so that all the ARD (IEP) pages print out in order. Now I just need a stash of styluses (styli)?

Lisa started drinking her lemon/lime/cucumber/mint water again. Her Kg-kiddoes asked why she put lettuce in her water! Hope you're finding a chuckle in your job this week!

On Saturday, Amy and I got to go see The Little Mermaid musical in Dallas, along with my daughter and a teacher friend.
It was fabulous! We had about 6 understudies in the starring roles and could not tell a difference. Ursula and Sebastian were exceptionally fantastic! All of the famous songs from the movie are there, along with a few storylines exploring more of the father/daughter relationship between Triton and Ariel, Ursula's background and motivation, and Ariel's dreams. If The Little Mermaid comes to your area, go! Literacy is an issue near and dear to our hearts. We are honored to be presenting at TSHA on Speech and Language with a Twist of Literacy. Click on the picture to follow our presentation.

Well, it's been.... yeah, a couple of weeks, we'll go with that - since I've done Friday Faves. So buckle your seat belts - I've got 6 for you today!

#1 - Gotta love Central Texas! It was freezing on Tuesday and will be downright pleasant today!
#2 - Can't wait until tomorrow!
#3 - Or Sunday!
#4 - I've gotten extremely lucky in the licensed assistants department. One married into the military, so she has moved off. It's been fun to keep up with her and her precious daughter via social media. She's recently started a personal blog, Read My Lips. Take a look!

#5 - A special needs teacher friend is exploring her love of photography. If you live in the Central Texas area, check out her very reasonably priced sessions and talent at Bel Ame Photography!
#6 - And finally, the always entertaining and big-hearted Kelly over at speech2u is helping out a friend. Check out her guest post at Speech Room Style. I can't wait till my new bags and wallet come in!
From Lisa
Hello! You probably don't remember me! It's been FOREVER since I've posted. I'm surprised Laura and Amy put up with me. I'm gearing up for our Valentine picnic extravaganza. It'll be a blast! Here are my faves for the week:

#1 All you need is LOVE.....and a sparkly Valentine t-shirt

This shirt is from Clair Lynn Designs. They have the cutest teacher shirts you've ever seen!!!

#2 Put a Ring on it 

My kinder kiddos will flip over these ring erasers that I found at Target! 

#3 Will you be my Valenswine?

This is the cutest Valentine book! It's so sweet and my kinder kiddos adore it!

                                            Product Details

This week, in celebration of love and a caseload of mostly male elementary students, my licensed assistant found this really cute Valentine iPod project and a laugh-out-loud zombie book. If you like pina coladas, you will love it!

She rounded things out with Valentine Ask Away.

I thought the zombies would set off my FA kids, so we read a sweeter book, The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten.
Then, we learned about February with a bingo game from Speaking of Speech. Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day!

First, today is Amy's birthday! When I had the audacity to say, "I think we could make stuff on TpT", Amy was the one who got us together, taught us about licensing and making and securing PDFs, and is the heart of our journey. Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!
Amy got an early present on Sunday - did you see the TpT newsletter?!? Such an honor!
And now for a chuckle. I was working at the computer while my licensed assistant was playing Valentine Ask Away. A 1st-grader mentioned that he liked the game, and she told him I made it. "Oh,"he said, "that's what you do all day - make games on the computer?" Then he looked up at my diplomas and said, "You went to college to make games?" Yep, that's why being an SLP rocks!

Need a quick weeknight meal? When my 15-year-old daughter mentioned Cheez-It Chicken after seeing a friend's lunch, I was skeptical. Cheddar cheese and chicken is not my favorite combination. But I was willing to give it a try, and we found a recipe.
The Good: easy to make; everyone liked it!

The Bad: messy to make

Summary: This will be a repeat at our house!

Yesterday, we posted Write and Say the Room: Spring to give everyone warmer thoughts. But if you're dreaming of sand and flip-flops, check out Write and Say the Room: Summer!

For Write & Say the Room, cut out and laminate cards, then hang them around the room - or the school! Give each student a clipboard, pencil, and recording sheet and have them find summer words with their artic sounds or new vocabulary words. Presto - take-home sheet!
Here's a sample of the cards:
Write & Say the Room: Summer is $2.50 in our store, All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!

Back in 2007, Amy and I were fortunate enough to visit The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and we fell in love with the pandas there. Did you hear there is a new panda? In honor of Bao Bao, Amy decided to create a facts/opinions packet, Precious Pandas.
In this 40+-page packet, you get 2 sets of fact/opinion cards. One set is in color, and the duplicate set is in B&W.

Precious Pandas also includes:
* Label the Panda
* Panda Pals - information and recording sheets about three pandas
* I Know Pandas
* Panda ABC Order
* Panda Word Search

All recording sheets are in B&W for easy printing and copying. Precious Pandas is $3 at our store, All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!
Has the cold weather got you down? Think warmer thoughts with our new unit, Write and Say the Room: Spring!
Just hang cards around the room - or school:
Give each student a clipboard and pencil, and let them find their artic and vocabulary words - instant speech homework!
Write and Say the Room: Spring is $2.50 at our store, All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!

Amy has been hard at work, and one of her latest offerings is List and Say: Topics for 12 Months.
There are 10 unique topics for all twelve months. Here's a look at one of three February pages:

There are topic cards and recording sheets for each month. Here's a look at some of February's. Wouldn't this be great to hang around the room and think of artic words?!?
List and Say: Topics for 12 Months can be used for daily writing topics, transition times, center time, whole group instruction, partner activity time, game time, conversation starters or a homework activity. It's $4 for 100+ pages at All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!
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