Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: February 21

From Amy:
#1   Ariel and Flouder are visiting Big D, so we went to Dallas.  Road trip!    I was lucky to be invited to go under the sea with Laura, a friend and my niece.    The play was AH-MaZiNg!    Thank you, Laura, for a wonderful birthday!

#2   I had a meeting this week with two former students.   They left my school in 2nd grade (we are a primary campus).   They are now in the 8th grade.    The sweet girls have chosen literacy as their gift back to our community for their Girl Scout Silver Award.     They are volunteering their time to read books aloud, record them and share with our students.     They had to meet with me with their proposal.     Of course, I granted permission immediately!     It was fun to see the two girls check out books from our picture book collection.

#3   I have been enjoying Team USA go for the gold.   Have you?    It has been fun watching the Olympics.    Of course, I like watching the figure skating and ice dancing.    The snowboarding is wild!   I could go on, but you are probably tuned into the Olympics yourself.

From Laura:
#1 - Remember how things come in three's? Well, Feb. 27 is a big day for us! Tune in next week for a whole week of TSHA! Plus two other surprises!

#2 - Creatively Blue. It's a new crafting blog run by a fellow district employee. Check out these darling pillows!
#3 - I learned how to get electronic signatures on the iPad! Thanks to my LSSP for teaching me how to do this so that all the ARD (IEP) pages print out in order. Now I just need a stash of styluses (styli)?

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