Friday Faves

From Amy:
#1 Snow Day Friday!
We are only on Snow Day 3 this year.    So, I am confident Ryan's advice is valid.

#2   The Olympics
I have zero, maybe less than zero.   Who am I kidding?    I definitely have less than zero athletic ability.   So, I will enjoy being a spectator to The Games.

#3   Home Safe and Warm
I am so thankful to my school superintendent.    We teach our kids each day to think about others.   Our superintendent has shown through this crazy weather we call winter that he truly cares.    His decisions regarding weather have shown he values the safety of our students, staff and community.    Our community is small, and we live in Central Texas.   People, our roads shut down in a heartbeat at the sound of ice hitting the pavement.    I appreciate that his decisions are made with our communities' first responders in mind.   Like I said, our community is small.    By mobilizing a community to our schools on dangerous roads, our local Police Department, EMTs, Fire Department, Department of Public Safety and other first responders are put at risk.    I am so happy to say that our superintendent has created an atmosphere of empathy.   

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