TpT Winter Sale: What's In My Cart?

All Y'all Need will be participating in the 3 Million Strong TpT sale Feb. 27-28! Here's the weird thing - we already had a sale planned for those exact two days because of TSHA. TpT may say their theme is 3 Million Strong, but I think they just wanted an excuse to join in the TSHA fun!

Our store will be 20% off. Use the discount code TPT3 at checkout to save more! And if you miss out on the weekday sale, our store will still be 20% off through Saturday night. Here are a few items from our store just for spring with the regular prices:
Texas Two Step, $8
Informative Reader's Theater - Holidays January to June, $16 for 17 holidays and 300+ pages
List and Say - Topics for 12 Months, $4
Spring Write and Say the Room, $2.50
Precious Pandas - Fact & Opinion, $3
Mardi Gras Merriment, $2.50

And now, here are a few things in my cart. Check out Speech Room News to view more ideas!
First is March into Speech and Language by 1sparklleslp - a huge packet with clovers, basketball, weather and spring!
Next is a Sporty Multisyllabic Pack from Twin Sisters Speech and Language. It will be great for my boy-heavy caseload!
And another packet from Speech2u, Minimal Pairs with /s/ blends. I looove minimal pairs, so I'm excited about this item!
I'd love to hear what you're buying!

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