It's May, and this picture could totally be my feelings.
 The Frenzied SLPs The end of year is crazy for school SLPs! These tips help frame a positive mindset. Finish successfully!
Yep, every May I'm a a mixed bag of emotions that leave me a little out of control. The Frenzied SLPs are linking up to share our stories with you.

May always comes with a lot of {squirrel} thoughts for me:
* Ack! How am I supposed to think about next school year?!?
* If I could just see artic kids every single day and drill, it would be so much better! In and out!
* Wow, this kid is still so far behind in language. What have I been doing all year?
* My calendar is so crazy, I'm not helping anyone.
* To a teacher: What do you mean you want me to screen a student with 3 weeks left?!?
* What do you mean HR didn't approve another position? Let them spend a day with me!
* Even my director had a breakdown!

I always end up questioning everything I'm doing - did I do enough for each student? Did I make the right decisions? Should I have done this or that? WHY IS THERE SO MUCH PAPERWORK?!?!?! Don't these people know I have therapy to do!?!?!?!

And then, I have to take a step back and replace those thoughts with:
* Every year, it's hard for me to think about the upcoming school year. With staffings and other people's perspectives, I'll get through it.
* Our district isn't set up for artic in and out. It's okay.
* This kid is far behind, but in looking at his folder, look how far he's come!
* I am helping. I keep a graduation wall (and here) just so I can have a quick visual when Satan throws that particular dart at me, which I don't successfully dodge.
* To a teacher: What are your concerns? When did you notice these? (And then document.)
* HR - I have no control over that. I will do the best I can do.
* It's okay to have a breakdown because we care. It just can't be constant.

My advice is remember perspective and positive mindset.
The end of year is crazy for school SLPs! These tips help frame a positive mindset. Finish successfully!
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