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All Y'all Need is made up of Amy, Laura and Lisa. We are two sisters and a cousin from Texas in the "family business" of public education.

Amy is a librarian in Central Texas at a K-2 school with 20+ years' experience. She is organized, loves kids, loves reading, and has been named her district's Employee of the Year. Amy wants to make literacy so much fun that her students today read to their own children. Her greatest goal is making a difference in literacy in families.

Laura is an SLP in Central Texas at a K-5 school with 20+ years' experience in elementary and secondary. She has a special heart for the articulation kids, especially the /r/ kids, because she was one. She works for her students to have effective and functional communication. Laura would love for her students to become such effective communicators that they forget they ever needed therapy.

Lisa is the glittery princess. She teaches PK in West Texas and also has experience with Kg. Lisa teaches in a way that affirms her students. Her desire is to provide experiences for her students that spark a lifelong love of learning. And, she wants to create the happiest classroom around! She has a pretty happy home with her furbaby, too.

We started collaborating and opened All Y'all Need on TpT in the summer of 2012. We love talking about books, oral language, and bright and effective lessons.

 All Y'all Need Informative Reader's Theater All Y'all Need Spatial Concepts All Y'all Need for SLPs

We are active on Facebook and Instagram and would love to connect with you! Be sure to follow us for ideas, resources, sales - and some freebies, of course!

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