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I love the Oscars.
I was really hoping Boyhood would win big.
Especially Austin's own Richard Linklater for director.
But it was not to be.
I was pretty shocked to see Lady Gaga singing "The Sound of Music"!
My BFF and I were texting the whole show.
We see a lot of the movies together that are nominated, so it is always fun
to talk movies during Oscars.
And years ago we saw Julie Andrews in person together!
She was speaking at a reading conference.
It was unforgettable.
Wednesday was a great day to shop on TpT!
Their Teacher Are Heroes Sale gave me a great excuse to go shopping.

Here are my purchases from the Hero Sale:

And how cute are these study buddies?
Also from Whimsy Clips

I am a sucker for pretty paper packs.

I was happy to add Miss DeCarbo's Forces & Motion science set to my cart.

And y'all know I am crazy about Melonheadz.
I have her original Library set.
This is Library 2015.  Whoo-hoo!
Happy purchase!

(check out Demco for your copy of this fantastic poster)
We celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday early.
It was a great week reading lots of Dr. Seuss books every day.
And how exciting to learn we will get a new Dr. Seuss book in July?
It is titled "What Pet Should I Get?".
I am excited about its release.
We celebrated early because March 2nd is also Texas Independence Day.
And everything is pretty much bigger in Texas!   
We celebrate Texas all week.
Well, pretty much the entire month of March, if we are being honest.
And since all 3 of us are proud Native Texans, we have lots of fun 
sharing about our state with the sweeties.
And I am looking forward to Saturday.
Cause I get to eat dinner here.
And after dinner with friends.
It is off to see "Once".
I have never seen this musical, so I am looking forward to it.

Hope y'all enjoy your weekend!

Join us in celebrating teachers!
TpT is throwing a sale today.

Our store will be discounted 20% February 25 and 26.
Use the promo code HEROES to get an additional discount from TpT.

Shop early.
Shop often.
Remember to use the code.
Happy Day!
We got a little spoiled today with temperatures in the 70's in Texas!
It got us thinking about Spring.
And Spring Break.
Catch Spring Fever with us!
Introducing AYN Daisy Draws, a free handwritten font with IPA symbols because I'm an IPA geek. Enjoy!
 AYN Daisy Draws by All Y'all Need

The Frenzied SLPs is devoted to making your frenzied SLP life a little easier! Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite therapy room supplies and tips with you!
1 and 2. My absolute favorite tip for efficiency takes some time to set up. All of my Super Duper decks have been hole-punched and put on binder rings, then put into a shoe rack with labels. So easy to keep cards together, find during therapy, and clean up when I'm exhausted!
3. I have finally discovered my favorite pen - a Sharpie pen! It dries fast, has the perfect point, and… during long meetings, I can quietly move the cap up and down for sensory input.
4. Mighty Magnets from The Container Store. At $7.99 per dozen, these babies are a little pricey. But they will hold up just about anything! They are currently holding up my campus notes, emergency plans, and a few fun signs!
5. Mavalus tape. Believe the website. Every single claim. This tape is a miracle. It will not tear off paint, it holds items to cinder-block walls, and it is altogether marvelous! Well worth the trip to the teacher's store.

Thank you, Kacey for hosting 5 for Friday each week.

Happy Birthday to Amy!
It was yesterday.
She shares a birthday with Abraham Lincoln. Her students asked her if she knew Abe when she was a little girl.
I am seriously blessed to have her as a sister. She is really the heart of All Y'all Need. 
Do you help out with benchmarks? One of my schools got rewarded with limeades from Sonic!
Here's one of my APs carting them around.
My other school had a Death by Chocolate Day. I missed it. Would've killed my Weight Watchers daily points.
Did you go through the For the Love of Speech blog hop? All of the freebies were great, and students have been having a blast with them! You can get this fun game from The Speech Owl ($1.50).
And The Pedi Speechie used fun couple clip art for this freebie!

Are you following The Frenzied SLPs on FB? We are sharing the love this month! Check out Queen's Speech creative side and I always learn from Smart Speech Therapy.

This has been a blog following week for me. Here is one of my all-time favorite posts right now.
I keep going back to it.
It's from Rachelle over at For Blogness' Sake. Enjoy, and have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Thank you, Kacey for hosting 5 for Friday each week.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for my school.
We are hosting a fun day at our local Barnes and Noble store.
This is a big family fundraising event for our library.
My parents are a huge part of the day.
My mom is a natural at making everyone feel welcome.
My dad is fantastic magician and puts on a magic show that we all enjoy.

Here's a pic from last year's Barnes & Noble event.
We had a Happy Valentine's Day photo booth set up in the children's section.
Here I am with my TeachingBFF
Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!

The photo props are from one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops.
How cute are these props?   Adorable.   I know!
I am loving the cowboy hat.   
I am pretty sure I need, I mean want this in my collection.
And hello to Mickey and Minnie.
Y'all know how much we love our Disney!
The store owner, Heidi, is super sweet.
The photos do not do her product justice.   
Just trust me on how wonderful I think her designs and creations 
will look for your next photo booth or event.
Thank you Heidi for permission to use your photos on this blog!
I have a clip art addiction.    
I know and accept it.
Last weekend, I amped up my organization.
This a teeny tiny segment of my Melonheadz collection.
I changed the boring folder icons clip art from that set.
This makes me super happy.
Because I have a birthday coming up.
And I like visuals.
And when you get older you need more of what you like and more reminders.
My new clip art organization is a win-win for me.

I am sure you can use Google to find directions for a PC.

And this is another thing that makes me happy.
Yes, we are all registered.
Headed to Vegas in July.

Have a wonderful week!
I forgot to plan this past weekend.

I mean, I knew I was going to see the 8:00 4th-grade group with a new student. I had good intentions of putting together a lesson. But Trivia Crack and Jazzercise called. And the Super Bowl. And all of a sudden, my 5:30 alarm clock was going off.

Fortunately, I had a lesson in my reserves that was new to the 4th-graders - and it hit all their goals! This group is working on artic, language, and a few other things. Real World Language: Social Cues and Situations We Use Every Day fit the bill with the I'm Crazy/Frustrated section.
We discussed situations that make students crazy or frustrated. The students get to look at the discussion picture on the front of the file folder while I follow the lesson on the inside of the folder. The first picture is the student's view, and the second is my view. They get the fun stuff, and I get a ready-made lesson to follow!
Each discussion section comes with a recording sheet. Students get to write the words or actions they learned and draw an appropriate picture. They cannot draw pictures about friends in the room. And some of their stories are heartbreaking, so be prepared. Here, I'm holding the discussion page while they write. This is the time when I can go over goals and take data.
In the second picture, the /r/ words are underlined. And the third picture is also for an /r/ student but gives a better view. There are instructions at the top of the page for artic, language, and voice and fluency students plus a place for the adult helper to sign at the bottom.

Easy prep, data for objectives, and homework made for a great Monday group!

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