The Frenzied SLPs: Love in February!

The Frenzied SLPs is devoted to making your frenzied SLP life a little easier! Today, I'm sharing some of my favorite therapy room supplies and tips with you!
1 and 2. My absolute favorite tip for efficiency takes some time to set up. All of my Super Duper decks have been hole-punched and put on binder rings, then put into a shoe rack with labels. So easy to keep cards together, find during therapy, and clean up when I'm exhausted!
3. I have finally discovered my favorite pen - a Sharpie pen! It dries fast, has the perfect point, and… during long meetings, I can quietly move the cap up and down for sensory input.
4. Mighty Magnets from The Container Store. At $7.99 per dozen, these babies are a little pricey. But they will hold up just about anything! They are currently holding up my campus notes, emergency plans, and a few fun signs!
5. Mavalus tape. Believe the website. Every single claim. This tape is a miracle. It will not tear off paint, it holds items to cinder-block walls, and it is altogether marvelous! Well worth the trip to the teacher's store.

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