5 for Friday

Thank you, Kacey for hosting 5 for Friday each week.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for my school.
We are hosting a fun day at our local Barnes and Noble store.
This is a big family fundraising event for our library.
My parents are a huge part of the day.
My mom is a natural at making everyone feel welcome.
My dad is fantastic magician and puts on a magic show that we all enjoy.

Here's a pic from last year's Barnes & Noble event.
We had a Happy Valentine's Day photo booth set up in the children's section.
Here I am with my TeachingBFF
Happy Valentine's Day, Y'all!

The photo props are from one of my absolute favorite Etsy shops.
How cute are these props?   Adorable.   I know!
I am loving the cowboy hat.   
I am pretty sure I need, I mean want this in my collection.
And hello to Mickey and Minnie.
Y'all know how much we love our Disney!
The store owner, Heidi, is super sweet.
The photos do not do her product justice.   
Just trust me on how wonderful I think her designs and creations 
will look for your next photo booth or event.
Thank you Heidi for permission to use your photos on this blog!
I have a clip art addiction.    
I know and accept it.
Last weekend, I amped up my organization.
This a teeny tiny segment of my Melonheadz collection.
I changed the boring folder icons clip art from that set.
This makes me super happy.
Because I have a birthday coming up.
And I like visuals.
And when you get older you need more of what you like and more reminders.
My new clip art organization is a win-win for me.

I am sure you can use Google to find directions for a PC.

And this is another thing that makes me happy.
Yes, we are all registered.
Headed to Vegas in July.

Have a wonderful week!

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