Pragmatics with a Mixed Group

I forgot to plan this past weekend.

I mean, I knew I was going to see the 8:00 4th-grade group with a new student. I had good intentions of putting together a lesson. But Trivia Crack and Jazzercise called. And the Super Bowl. And all of a sudden, my 5:30 alarm clock was going off.

Fortunately, I had a lesson in my reserves that was new to the 4th-graders - and it hit all their goals! This group is working on artic, language, and a few other things. Real World Language: Social Cues and Situations We Use Every Day fit the bill with the I'm Crazy/Frustrated section.
We discussed situations that make students crazy or frustrated. The students get to look at the discussion picture on the front of the file folder while I follow the lesson on the inside of the folder. The first picture is the student's view, and the second is my view. They get the fun stuff, and I get a ready-made lesson to follow!
Each discussion section comes with a recording sheet. Students get to write the words or actions they learned and draw an appropriate picture. They cannot draw pictures about friends in the room. And some of their stories are heartbreaking, so be prepared. Here, I'm holding the discussion page while they write. This is the time when I can go over goals and take data.
In the second picture, the /r/ words are underlined. And the third picture is also for an /r/ student but gives a better view. There are instructions at the top of the page for artic, language, and voice and fluency students plus a place for the adult helper to sign at the bottom.

Easy prep, data for objectives, and homework made for a great Monday group!

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