Today We are Blogging at Saddle Up for 2nd Grade

Today we are blogging over at our sweet friend Marcy's blog,
Saddle Up for 2nd Grade.
Marcy is a new mommy to darling Madison.
We are happy to be asked to blog for Marcy today.

Happy Wednesday!

Fire Safety Week

This week we are celebrating Fire Safety Week.
Naturally, we are sharing some of our favorite books to read for the week.
Also, we are giving you a couple of ideas you might want to incorporate into your week.
We are so grateful for our country's firefighters.
The sweeties love learning more about their heroes.
Of course, we do have our favorite books to read during the week.
Do you spy Dot, Curious George, Clifford and Arthur?
We do.
Ooops, do not forget D.W. because she is helping Arthur with fire drills.
Speaking of fire drills, here are more safety tips for kids.
These books help kids understand exactly why an escape plan is needed.
We are lucky enough to have local firefighters bring fire engines to our school.
Oh boy, do the sweeties get excited on these days!
They cannot stop talking about the fire engines.
We have a freebie to share!
Our Shout Out Product is from the lovely Diane of One Giggle at a Time.
I was lucky enough to meet Diane at the TpT conference in July.
She is so much fun.  
Her blog name fits her perfectly.

Happy Monday!

Five for Friday: Oct. 2

Hello, cooler temps! We are getting out the fall clothes here in Central Texas since the temps have dipped into the high 80's! And, we're linking up with

Amy suggested a Fairy Tales week, so I pulled out Hansel and Gretel.
I had many students who had never heard this tale.
Some recognized it as I read the story.
Others connected the book to a movie.
So it was a nice mix of a little familiar and new.
Even to me.
I never knew the step-mother and witch were the same person.
And I had a lot of questions about this story.
What father goes along with his wife's plan to kill the children?
Kinda dark.
Why would the step-mom/witch go to all that trouble to get the children when she already had them at their house?
In this book, a white bird leads the lost children to the candy cottage. And reappears after they escape the witch, and they follow the bird home.
Seriously? I would not be following that bird a second time!
Back to the topic at hand.
The Frenzied SLPs once had a candy frenzy with freebies.
I had a broken wrist and couldn't participate.
SLPTalk helped me out with that frenzy. Give her a visit and a like.
I used the game board by Putting Words in Your Mouth and game cards by GoldCountrySLP, Smart Speech Therapy, and Queen's Speech.
I also used our own Hansel and Gretel unit that Amy made.
 Hansel and Gretel by All Y'all Need
And some activities from the packet from Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg. (Those are her sequencing cards in the first picture).
Next week, my student will be learning about Squirrels: Fact and Opinion.
 Squirrels Fact and Opinion by All Y'all Need
Students get to practice either reading or listening.
When it's not their turn, they write facts on one page and opinions on the other.
Artic students underline their sounds.
Language students pick out cards with their goals.
Instant homework! Yay!
And yes, squirrels are so annoying. They set up camp in my backyard and taunt my dog. Don't let anyone tell you they are cute and harmless. They are mean!
Amy has a lot of Fire Safety week ideas coming up.
I'll be doing some of those with my younger students.
Be sure to check back here on Monday!
And finally, progress report writing starts next week. Time to bust out these covers to make things easier!
 Progress Report Covers by All Y'all Need

Currently October

Wicked soundtrack.
For Good.

Ok, so it is still very hot temperature wise here in Texas.
Like in the high 90's.
And the AC continues to get work out every day.
But there is a chance we might cool off sometime before December.
And I like fall decorations.
Bring on the pumpkins!

What will I be for Halloween?
Our team has kinda-sorta-maybe agreed to dress up the same this year.
This doesn't always happen.
It still may not happen.
Stay tuned.
Our school hosts a huge Halloween parade!
And the kids come looking amazing.
It is a fun day.
There may or may not be candy involved.
Trick or Treat, folks?
I pick treat.

New iPhone 6S
Just because I have a 5.
My name is Amy.
I suffer from #phoneenvy.

To get organized for our upcoming book fair.
Our book fair has traditionally been the Tuesday to Tuesday prior to Thanksgiving Break.
This year we get a Fall Break!
Say what?
Yep, students and staff will be breaking free for a week-long Turkey Treat of a Week.
So, book fair is now the week of Halloween.
I do like to host our book fair around holidays.
Truthfully, I like to host them around pay day even more.
So, I need to quit thinking that our Fall Book Fair will be in November.
I mean seriously, the book fair is this very month!

I heard there were Pumpkin Oreos at the store.
I have not been looking.

We love linking up with Farley each month.
Check out her blog to see what she is up to.
But even better, we love seeing Farley in person.

Five for Friday, Sept. 25

Nothing like being late, but here we are for the

This week was full of apples and fall for some of my younger students.
The first picture is from an old Linguisystems game, Rake 'Em Up.
The coloring on the cards is pitiful.
But my students ask for it all the time.
There's just something about the phrase "Rake 'Em Up!"
I like that it has a sentence pattern - "I see a crunchy apple".
The students get to learn new words, such as "rustling" and "wrestling" are two different things.
Guess which one of those words they all knew?!?

We read The Apple Pie Tree by Zoe Hall and a simplified Star in the Apple version.
We got to see the star and then work on requesting and social skills for apple snacks.

My older students played a fruits and vegetables game one day.
On the next, we learned about Owls: Fact and Opinion.
 Owls Facts and Opinions by All Y'all Need
I love Facts and Opinions for many reasons.
My sister created it.
Facts and opinions are so present in the classroom and so difficult for my language students. Practice helps.
Artic  students get a chance to practice their sounds.
Fluency students get a chance to practice their strategies.

Plus, it comes with a facts and opinion recording sheet!
Here's how I use it.
I copy the facts sheet and the opinion sheet onto two-sided paper.
Each student gets a page.
So if they aren't reading or listening to their card, they are writing their facts and opinions.
Artic students underline words with their sounds for home practice.

And who doesn't love hitting mixed-group targets and having students do their own homework?
And speaking of owls...
Which one is the fact and which one is the opinion? 
Some of my students thought both were facts, and I had to agree!

Next week is fairy tales week. I'm talking about Hansel and Gretel and using our unit created by Amy
 Hansel and Gretel by All Y'all Need
and another one created by Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg.

And finally, Happy Birthday this week to the two of my most favorite guys, my husband and dad.

Kunin Felt Blog Party


Disclosure: Some of these products were samples provided to me to try. Opinions and the choice to use  are 100% my own! This post contains product links.

I have teamed up with some amazing bloggers and Kunin felts for #feltintheclassroom campaign!
Since this is my first year in Pre-K, I'm crafting LIKE CRAZY and Cut by the yard Kunin Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt came to the rescue! This week, my class will be learning about all things apple. 

So, here's my first project: 

 Apple Pie and Apple Turnovers for Dramatic Play

I used light brown 9" x 12" Craft Cuts Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt™ for the apple pie and apple turnover dough. I made the apples using cut by the yard Kunin Eco-fiPlus™ Premium felt. I bonded the pieces together using felt tape. My kiddos will absolutely love making apple pies and apple turnovers in the home center! 

My second project:

Find my name!

In Pre-K, we practice identifying one's name daily. To add to the apple theme, I made apples using cut by the yard Kunin Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt. After scattering them on the floor, the kiddos will help pick up the apples by searching for their name and placing it in the basket.

My third project:

Fine Motor Apple Picking

My kiddos will practice their fine motor skills by picking apples off of the apple tree. I created the apples and the apple tree using cut by the yard Kunin Eco-fiPlus™ Premium felt.

You can now find an expanded color line of Kunin Eco-fi Classicfelt™; Eco-fiPlus™ Premiumfelt and ShaggiChic  non-wovens fabrics in cut by the yard at your local Walmart please inquire as to what isavailable in your area.