Why I Struggle On When To Treat /r/

I was an /r/ kid. Actually, only my mom could understand me when I was little and took me to speech therapy at the Texas Tech clinic. But I only remember working on /r/ in 4th grade, having it "click" during the summer, and not going in 5th grade.
Fast forward two decades to Example 1. When my daughter was born, my husband and I agreed the name we had chosen didn't fit her. We went with the only other choice we could agree on, Rebecca, or R as I call her.
Hello, I'm an SLP and I gave my own child an /r/ name. I blame the natural childbirth on that one.

R went through a few artic developmental stages. She had fronting, blend reduction, /f/ for /th/, and a frontal lisp for a while. Nothing big, nothing that a little modeling didn't correct.

But the /r/ stuck. And I'm an SLP.

One day when she was about 4, I did the unthinkable. I tried to get her to say /er/, even turning her upside down. She just said "uh" and I thought we could try again in a couple of years. Then… that night as she was brushing her teeth, she practiced saying /er/. On her own. And called me in to hear it. She had it! The /r/ took a little more work, but she was using /r/ in all positions in conversation by the end of kindergarten.

Example 2: I inherited an IEP student who was working on fronting. He mastered that by the end of kindergarten. The /r/ stuck. I was young and naive and didn't realize that I could have put him on consult, so we pressed forward with the /r/. He left for Christmas Break during his 2nd-grade year slightly stimulable for /r/ in words and came back using /r/ in all positions in conversation!

Example 3: More recently, I had a very bright student who had several errors that were pretty quickly remediated. Except for the /r/. We worked. We tried everything. During her 4th-grade year, I started seeing her individually after school a couple of days a week to try to fix the /r/ once and for all. The first session, she came in and announced, "I don't know why I'm heuh. My fwiends unduhstand me. I make good gwades. I don't see a weason to change." Still, she worked with me with some but limited progress. A few weeks later, she came and announced, "Okay, let's get to wuhk. I heuh it." She had recorded herself on the iPad doing a play at home and couldn't believe how she sounded. Even though we had used the iPad in therapy…. From then on, it was an easy climb to conversation in just 2 1/2 months' time!

Here is my struggle. What if I worked on /r/ earlier and students didn't have to miss as much class time? What if I'm working with a student who is not ready for /r/ and there's a lot of class time missed? How do I distinguish a developmental /r/ from one that's going to linger?

I once heard Wayne Secord say that SLPs should address /r/ right after fronting because that's hitting all the back sounds. That worked with Example 1 and 2. But my little Example 3 missed a LOT of class in 2nd, 3rd, and half of 4th because she wasn't ready. So how do we know? How do we distinguish? How do you know when to address /r/?

Tuesday Talk

I like to look at teacher blogs.    Sometimes, I might steal or recreate an idea.
It never turns out exactly like the original.   Never.
See Miss Kindergarten is ├╝ber-talented.   So, her project rocked.

Mine was kind of muddy.

We built a pig today.    Yep, it happened a few times today.

Everything we needed was in here to build a pig.
A shopping trip to Hobby Lobby was required.   Felt pieces were 4 for $1.   Pipe cleaner was less than $1 for the pack.
So, it was kind of like shopping Target's Dollar Spot.
I had everything else at home.

Next, I cut out pink and black felt.
I used tape, peel & stick magnets, peel & stick google eyes and a pink pipe cleaner.
Tape because I taped on the curly tail to the pig body.

I cut out a few other pieces.
Then put all the pig parts in the polka dot bag.

Today,  I read the sweeties some pig books.

I had a few other spare piggy books just in case.
PreK and K are doing something totally different this week. 
Sweeties were very, very interested in building the pig.

So, first we built a pig by identifying the pig parts.
Remember how I said magnets were necessary?
Because the pig stuck to our easel!
And the felt sticks to felt!    
So, you only need a little bit of magnet.
I like a lot of magnet.
You can judge how much magnet you need.
Then, really quick you disassemble the pig.
Put the pig parts in the bag.  Do it fast.

Then, I announced we would build a pig again.
They did not have much of a chance to criticize my freehand pig, so they were totally game for a second pig.

So, I asked them questions.
Every time, without fail, they answered a question correctly.....they got a pig part.
The face had the google eyes attached.   That was a 3 question pig part.
The body had the curly tail attached.   That was a 2 question pig part.
We built the pig again.
If they missed a question, a friend did get help them.
Because my pig had enough problems without missing parts!
Next, we did a little pig fact and opinion work from our TpT store.

Hope your week is awesome!

Introducing a Whole New Look for All Y'all Need! Plus a Giveaway!

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Tuesday Talk

We were challenged to come up with "my why" in my district this year.
As in, why do you teach?
That was pretty simple for me.

I have known and loved my why since before I became a librarian.
I said it my interview.    Luckily, I still believe it is my why to this very day.

I want the kids I have today to bring books and literacy into their own homes.
I want the kids I teach today to read to their own children.
I want the kids I teach today to remember a book so fondly that they want to share it with their own children.
It's my why.....twenty-two years later.

I challenged myself to come up with what do I want to focus making a difference on.
I came up with literacy in families.

So what is your why?
Why do you teach?

Hope you all have a fabulous year.
Whether it is year one or year forty.

Have a fantastic day,