Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Viva Las Vegas Part 2

From Amy and Lisa's Point of View

So, Monday through Thursday we attended our conference.   Ok, so we might have done a few things that might not be considered sessions.   But they were educational, right?

Last year, we went to the conference.  So, we knew we were headed back to see a few of our very favorite teachers from all over the country.

We hoped Laura would love the conference.    After all, she was in full-court press Mom mode trying to get her oldest off to college soon.

We went to see these amazing teachers at work.   And, boy howdy, do they work hard!

Believe it or not, they do not all say y'all?    But we didn't discriminate.  

Recognize these awesome teachers?  We bet you do.

Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants

Kathleen from Growing Kinders

Deanna from Mrs. Jump's Class

Mr. Greg and The Mister from Kindergarten Smorgasbord
Celine Dion

Celine Di-OFF

We got up at 5 in the morning to see the ever-so-charming and talented Marc Brown.   Our favorite quote from him, "If I ran the zoo, all teachers would make more money than movie stars because what they do is so much more important."   Marc is the creator of Arthur.   But you already knew that.

What we learned:
Teachers excited about learning and teaching!

We wish we could be in the classes of  Rachelle, Hope, Mr. Greg and so many others!  

We never get tired of hugs.

We like Sprinkles cupcakes.   Which doesn't surprise us because we love glitter.

Laura and Amy are too old for this many days and nights in Vegas.

We like to chat it up with the waiter at Rao to find out the celebrity scoop.

Oh, we are getting off track…….again.

What we missed:

Sonic Happy Hour

Celine Di-OFF

Our own beds

Elevator-free days

Most of all, our sweet families back in the Lone Star State.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Viva Las Vegas 2014: Friday-Saturday

TpT Vegas 2014
Laura, Paul, Amy and Lisa

From Laura's Point of View:
The name All Y'all Need came about from playing with our first initials - Amy, Laura, and Lisa. All. Amy and Laura are sisters, and Lisa is their cousin. Amy is a librarian, Laura is a speech path, and Lisa teaches Kg.  Lisa's mom, Billie, also went to Vegas. So sometimes we were BALL. And when Amy and Lisa were together, it was AL. Laura and Lisa were LL. And when we met Paul….well, it was ALL with Paul.  We are from Texas, so we must always say y'all.

We all got to Vegas on July 4 along with 329,196 other visitors. The Venetian is wonderful!  I wish Disney would have hotel rooms this big for their prices!
TpT Las Vegas 2014
We headed out to the old-school Flamingo to see Olivia Newton-John! Lisa was NOT AT ALL excited.  But, ONJ was a class act - humble, gracious, talented, pretty… We had forgotten some of the country songs she sang.  Please Mr. Please, anyone?

The Strip was a blur of people and fireworks.   Inside a construction tunnel, Billie unintentionally broke up a fight because she reminded the guys of their mothers.

We slept in on Saturday because we are old.   Except for Lisa.

And, this was Celine Dion night! Celine was the whole reason Billie came along. We got dressed up, went to Caesar's Palace, and wondered why the doors weren't open.    Red flag, anyone?

Meanwhile, Amy and Lisa were connecting with Kindergarten Smorgasboard through Insta.  Pretty much forgetting about Celine totally.    Just before showtime, the ushers - followed by security guards - came out to announce the show was canceled. We do not believe Celine was really sick.   We say she pulled a diva move.   She is now and forever Celine Di-OFF!

The fun thing that happened was that Mr. Greg and The Mister wanted to ride The High Roller,  and invited us to tag along.   So, tag we did.   The High Roller is a must-do!

Sunday morning Lisa was talking to Mrs. Balius through Insta.   We set off to meet Mrs. Balius at The Bellagio.    It was my favorite hotel with the flowers and glass art.

Sunday night's show was "Love" - The Beatles, Cirque du Soleil… Billie loved the show. I like it in retrospect, but I felt like it was overwhelming - stuff and people coming from everywhere. My favorite scene was "Something".

Afterwards, we went to The Cosmopolitan and walked around (fancy schmancy).  When we left, there was a girl outside in a headdress, pasties, a thong, and heels. So sad. I thought about the Colin Raye song "I Think About You" often.

Next up - the SDE conferences and more fangirl sightings!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pursuing a Second (or Third) Career as a Licensed Assistant in Speech/Language Pathology in Texas

I have been blessed to supervise wonderful licensed assistants. This year, my licensed assistant had been a teacher before taking online classes to become certified, and some of the other teachers thought she had a pretty good deal going on. They liked the fact that she worked with small groups all day. And I think they saw me doing all the paperwork! There was still interest even after we both assured the teachers that licensed assistants don't get a free pass on documentation.

To help answer some questions, I've put together this FAQ. This post is a starting point. Be sure to check with your state board for specific requirements and information. Also, since the teachers I work with are in Texas, that's my area of focus.
What is a licensed assistant?
According to the Texas state board, a licensed assistant is "an individual who possesses a baccalaureate degree in communicative sciences and disorders licensed to practice under supervision. The practice of assistants is very limited."

What does a licensed assistant do?
A licensed assistant works with a supervising SLP to assist with workload. Licensed assistants can carry out IEPs under supervision, write lesson plans that are reviewed by the supervising SLP, and collect data. Licensed assistants are allowed to administer routine tests with supervision. After 3 years, licensed assistants can conduct ARDs under state guidelines.

Why become a licensed assistant?
Several reasons:
1) Assistants who graduate with a bachelor's but want to gain practical experience before going to grad school
2) Assistants who have a bachelor's but aren't accepted into very competitive grad schools
3) Assistants who are happy with the position and don't want to become an SLP
4) Assistants who are attending grad school to become an SLP while working
5) Assistants who have a degree in another field and are working on a graduate degree
6) Teachers who are willing to get the 24 hours required in Texas to work in a specialty area in education

What are the requirements?
In Texas, a bachelor's degree is required to include 24 hours in communication courses. For those who already have a bachelor's degree, leveling or prerequisite courses may satisfy the 24-hour requirement. From the state board:
  • 24 semester hours in speech-language pathology and audiology with at least 
    • 18 semester hours in speech-language pathology content;
    • 3 semester hours in language disorders (A language disorders course may include content for assessment and intervention of language disorders such as aphasia and related acquired language disorders, dementia, language delay, factors underlying language impairment, language disorders in children, and language disorders in adults.); and
    • 3 semester hours in speech disorders (A speech disorders course may include content for assessment and intervention of speech disorders such as phonological process disorder, articulation disorders, voice disorder, and fluency disorder.)
  • excludes clinical experience and/or course work such as special education, deaf education, or sign language 
  • 25 hours of clinical observation
  • 25 hours of clinical assisting experience
Where can I get these hours?
Traditional classes involve going to campus. A list of Texas campuses that offer graduate programs can be found at TSHA.

In this ever-changing world, many non-traditional students are looking at online classes. Here is a list of online programs that offer leveling or prerequisite courses. This list is only a starting point. It is not a recommendation or endorsement of any program. Before applying or starting classes, be sure to check program and state requirements.

Texas Women's University (NOTE: The leveling classes do not satisfy Texas' requirement for licensed assistants, but the program is definitely worth looking at if you are considering going on to work on a master's degree)
Northern Arizona University
California State University Northridge
Pasadena City College
University of Colorado Boulder
Idaho State University
Elms College, Massachusetts
Lake Region State College, North Dakota/Williston State College, North Dakota
Chemeketa Community College, Oregon
Lasalle University, Pennsylvania
Mitchell Technical Institute, South Dakota
Utah State University
James Madison University, Virginia
Longwood University, Virginia

If you know of any other programs or have experience with an online program, be sure to comment below.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Have Fun Teaching's Big Idea

Have Fun Teaching needs your help! They have just launched a BIG IDEA on KickStarter that will help kids all over the world learn how to read! Join The Movement - Click Here.

If this project is funded during the month of MAY, Have Fun Teaching will be creating 220 Sight Word Music Videos that will give teachers and parents a fun and effective way to help children become better readers!

Here is a sample video for the Sight Word, "IS":

Every little bit helps and you can even receive awesome Rewards for backing this project!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Teacher Talk: It's a Sale!!!

All Y'all Need on TpT is 20% off today-Wednesday! Use the code TPTXO at checkout today and tomorrow for 28% off!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Be the Change...

This is Kimmy Longbotham.
18 years old. Killed in a car wreck on Friday night. These are her words to a friend recently.
Just love life.
The good.
The bad.
The indifferent.
It all shapes who you are.
And who you will become.
You can find out more about this amazing, wonderful, life-changing girl here and, if you would like to consider donating, here.

Manic Monday: SLP Facebook Frenzy

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by grabbing the 20 freebies in the SLP FB Frenzy! The frenzy ends at 10 p.m. EST tonight. I went through today and found TONS to finish my school year with! You can start with All Y'all Need: Family Business, look for the SLP Frenzy tab, and follow the instructions!