December and January Books

Hi, it's Amy.   I am sharing some of my new read-aloud books for the library during the month of December.  Naturally, I have my favorite books that I love to read each and every year.   So to mix it up, I like to add some recently published titles to my library.   

New books you'll want on your Christmas list!

I hope y'all enjoy the crazy, wonderful times that December brings!

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First up, The Snowy Nap is the magnificent Jan Brett's newest title! Hedgie the adorable hedgehog returns for a stunning new book.   This book is perfect for those who prefer a more winter-focused title, rather than full-out Christmas story.   Little Hedgie does not want to nap through winter this year missing the snowflakes, frozen lakes, icicles and snowmen. Be sure to read with Brett's companion, The Hat for all things Hedgie!

Let's get sparkly with A Unicorn Named Sparkle's First Christmas by Amy Young.   It is not Sparkle's fault that he would rather play than shop for Lucy's Christmas present.   I mean, he is a unicorn!   Find out what happens when Lucy purchases unicorn horn polish, a box of rainbow ribbon candy, and a stuffed unicorn for her best friend.   And Sparkle does not purchase anything on Lucy's long list of suggested gifts.

I have a gorgeous book for those who are looking for a wordless book.   If you love using The Snowman by Raymond Briggs to teach storytelling, try Richard Johnson's Once Upon a Snowstorm this year.  A father and son live in the woods and become separated from each other as they walk in a winter snowstorm.   The woodland animals quickly accept and care for the boy.  Animal lovers will love this 2018 publication.

Elfie the Elf by Cheryl DeVleeschouwer is a such a cute book.    A grandmother tells her grandchildren the "secret" story that she has never told anyone about when she was a little girl.   A lost blue elf needs her help to be reunited with Santa himself.

Zetta the Poinsettia is a fantastic way to celebrate Poinsettia Day on December 12.   Author Alma Hammond explains the flowering plant is one of the most popular purchases around the holidays.   Little Zetta wants to be purchased from her store so she can enjoy all the holiday festivities with a family.

New Books Coming Soon

Hugs & Kisses for The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle
Publisher's Release Date:  December 18

Carle's famous ladybug is timeless.    Here is a new book by Carle with his signature collage style illustrations and message of friendship.

Penguin Flies Home by Lita Judge
Publisher's Release Date:  January 15

Penguin heads back home to the South Pole to teach his friends how to fly in his very unique way.    But, of course, there is a problem.

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