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How about one more post to end the day? That makes five posts today, a record that will probably stand for us for a long time! We just posted Santa is Coming to {My State}: A Unit for SLPs. It goes along with the Steve Smallman books.
Santa is Coming to {My State} has 25+ pages for $4. It includes three games to go along with the book plus a B&W take-home sheet for each game! You get:
* Christmas Categories - a game with an answer key, 20 category cards (including 5 to personalize for your state), penalty and reward cards, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Santa Says - 20 cards to play Santa Says, based off Simon Says, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Where Are You, Christmas? A Spatial Concepts Game - 20 matches for a memory game with graphics supporting spatial concepts and a B&W take-home sheet

Thanks for taking a look, and good luck!

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My family loves to go to Barnes & Noble. On a recent trip, the book Santa is Coming to Texas by Steve Smallman caught my eye. We are about anything Texas! For all the Texas SLPs out there - this unit is just for you! And if you're not from Texas, keep an eye out for a more generalized unit very soon.
Santa is Coming to Texas is 25+ pages for $4. You get:
* Christmas Categories - a game with an answer key, 20 category cards, penalty and reward cards, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Santa Says - 20 cards to play Santa Says, based off Simon Says, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Where Are You, Christmas? A Spatial Concepts Game - 20 matches for a memory game with graphics supporting spatial concepts and a B&W take-home sheet

You get 3 games plus a B&W take-home sheet for each one! Thanks for taking a look, and good luck!
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Got Christmas on the mind? Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I plan to use some of my time this week getting ready for Christmas. One of the activities I'm getting ready for is Write and Say the Room.
Write and Say the Room: Christmas is 18 pages and $3.50. It includes cards with target artic sounds of k/g, l, r, s/z, and th/ch/sh. Just post the cards around the room and then put the recording sheets on clipboards and let the students find the words! The unit incorporates movement into speech/language therapy, plus the students have take-home sheets!

Thanks for taking a look, and good luck!
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Amy is at it again with the wonderful fact & opinion units, and this one focuses on the darling koala bear!
Getting to Know the Koala is 100+ pages and is $7. Here's what you get:

Fact and Opinion Activity: 42 sorting cards, 1 Facts Header Page, 1 Opinion Header Page, 1 Facts Recording Page and 1 Opinions Recording Page

I Know Nouns: Students sort noun by person, place or thing. Recording sheet provided.

Write the Room: Students find and record 10 vocabulary words posted around the room. Recording sheet provided.

Graphic Organizers: KWL Chart, Can/Have/Are Chart, Circle Map, Bubble Map

I Know Koalas: Students draw pictures of the koala’s home, food, body and enemy.

Koala ABC Order Activity: alphabetizing to the first letter

Koala Chat: Students write definitions for eucalyptus leaves, marsupial, nocturnal and pouch.

Koala Fun Fact: Students draw a picture of a koala and write one fun fact.

Label the Koala: One labeled koala is an example to share with students. Then, students label the black koala with words in the word bank.

Koala Check Up: Give students a clipboard and highlighter. Students give a check up to the koala. Students highlight the correct choice for koalas.

To introduce it, we're having a giveaway. Good luck!

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Well, this is truly going to be a Manic Monday! This is the first post of several. Here in Texas, we are under a Winter Storm Warning. Yep, just the threat of ice can shut us down! We have two days of in-service this week, and we are starting at 10 a.m. this morning with a speech meeting. Our lead speech asked us to bring a favorite munchie, so I have Praline Trash all ready to go!
It's a sweet and caramelized version of the usual spicy recipe, and I think it's perfect for fall. It's so easy!

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

In a large bowl, combine 2 cups each of rice, wheat, and corn Chex and 1 1/2 cups of pecans.

In a medium saucepan, bring 3/4 cup of butter and 3/4 cup packed brown sugar to a boil. Turn down to simmer and stir for 2 minutes.

Pour the mixture over the cereal and pecans, spread out in a jelly roll pan, and bake for 8 minutes. Stir again. Let cool and store in an airtight container - if you have any leftovers! Enjoy!

This week in speech therapy, we've been reading I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie by Alison Jackson. In the 3rd grade group, when we got to this page where the old lady swallows a pot -
one of my cuties who had been really getting into the book, said, "Oh, man, does she need CPR or what?!?"
From Laura:
#1 - Art Briles is staying at Baylor!
#2 - Simply Kierste has a yummy looking recipe for hot chocolate:
#3 - and Six Sisters Stuff has an equally tantalizing frozen hot chocolate recipe:

How's your week going? My district observed Veterans Day, and a four-day week always throws me a little off. I woke up this morning thinking, "I forgot to plan for Life Skills!" Please tell me I'm not the only person that happens to. To top it off, Life Skills is at a brand-new campus, so I transport most of my materials there on an as-needed basis. Which meant I would have to stop at one school and get to another by 7:15 a.m. I love my Ford Focus, but it's not a time travel machine.

For some reason, I thought of an activity a co-worker did with the OT called Smash & Smell. I have plenty of spices in my cabinet, so I grabbed a few fall spices, crossed my fingers, and headed off. Here is what I ended up with - 5 spices and a quick recording sheet:
I made a circle in a Word Document and printed off one copy. Then I added a crust (hey! it looks like some of my real crusts!), lines for a pie (without a ruler, so they are off-center), and names of the spices. And because I want parents to know I'm serving their child, I added a quick note at the top. Then, I had empty pie slices, so I added My Favorite and I Didn't Like. That left me with an empty space that never got filled. So sad. Here is the hastily sketched page:
This activity probably could be done on white paper plates. Yeah, those were at my other school. If I were doing this again, I would probably make 4-6 slices instead of 8. If you want to try out this activity, here's a free Smash & Smell recording sheet. You'll have to add the crust.

Thanksgiving Smash & Smell Supplies:
* spices such as allspice, cinnamon, cloves, thyme, sage, ginger or nutmeg
* glue stick
* white paper or paper plate segmented into a "pie"
* extra piece of paper

Thanksgiving Smash & Smell Directions:
* make a circle of glue with the glue stick in each "slice"
* sprinkle spices on the glue dots (it doesn't take much)
* lay another piece of paper on top of the pie and smash down with hands
* lift off paper (can be reused) and shake off excess spices
* sniff and pick out favorites and yuckies

Thanks for taking a look!

Tuesday Talk with Amy

Meet Austinite Richard Overton.

He is believed to be the oldest living World War II veteran.   He is 107!   Like 100 + 7, 50 + 57, etc. 

On Saturday, Austin mayor Lee Lefingwell presented Mr. Overton with  the Mayor's Freedom Award. This prestigious award is the highest recognition given by the mayor's office.

On Sunday, Mr. Overton flew out of Austin for a VIR (very important reason).

He was recognized in Washington DC on Monday.   By our very own President.    He was honored with two standing ovations.   This was after eating breakfast at the White House!

Mr. Overton had a job in Austin at our own beautiful Texas Capitol.   He retired at 65.   But he did not stay retired.   He kept going back to work.    His pattern:   retire, rehire, retire, rehire, retire, rehire, retire.   He retired for good when he got "near 100" years old!

Retired at 99?   Let's just round up to say 100, shall we?


Thank you, Mr. Overton.     Thank you to ALL of our veterans.    Standing ovation for each of you.

Happy Veterans Day

We appreciate all of the veterans who proudly represent our wonderful country.   God Bless the USA!

Only Laura has a holiday on Monday from school.   But we all agreed to have a sale on Sunday and Monday at our little TpT store.  

Maybe you have a holiday Monday?   We hope you do.

From Amy:
#1   Prayer.    This is a beautiful prayer image that showcases nature.   I love the message.

#2   My wonderful caretakers.   My parents have taken excellent, better than excellent care of me during my surgery recovery.   I love my parents!   They are Laura's parents, too.

#3  A big thank you to all of our Veterans.   We are having a Veterans Day assembly at school on Monday.    Does anyone else have an assembly on Monday honoring our brave Veterans?

From Laura:
 #1 - Our military. Veterans Day is Monday, and Fort Hood is a huge part of life in Central Texas. Thanks to all soldiers, past and present.
#2 - Looking forward to a special Jingle Cruise! The Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom has gotten a Christmas makeover.
#3 - Once Upon a Time Season 3 is bringing back the magic from Season 1 and making me forget about Season 2. Thanks, ABC!

From Lisa:
#1 Bullies are despicable!
My kiddos had a blast thinking of a "minion" ways to be respectful. 
#2 Spider week
We've been focusing on spiders in my class. Thanks Amy Lemons at stepintosecondgrade for your cute creation!

#3 - Friday funny 
We've been focusing on expository text. You've gotta love a kindergartener's interpretation of words. Expository text is now known as "suppository text" in my class. One little sweetie started calling it that by mistake and others have joined the club. Haha 

It's November - wow! how did that happen? - and time for gratitudes. The thing is, I've done them in the past, so I feel like I'm repeating myself. Thankful for family, check. Health, yes. Friends, faith, new car, college acceptances for my son - okay, that's new - but I think you get the idea. So how about a linky for SLPs?
 Turkeys © Creative Clips
Just take a screen shot of the image with the caption and then list three things. Here are mine:

1) Our SLP world now. Just take a look at all the ideas from bloggers and TpT sellers with Consonantly Speaking's wonderful list! From someone who started a career as an SLP without Internet access, all of these resources are a blessing!

2) A wonderful licensed assistant. With two schools and a mix of direct therapy and supervision, I'm having trouble finding a good balance. Alison keeps me straight!

3) Amy and Lisa, my librarian sister and teacher cousin. Without them, we would not be on the All Y'all Need journey.

Need some things to be thankful for? All Y'all Need has you covered this month! From Veterans Day on Nov. 11 to Thanksgiving on Nov. 28, we've got activities! First up is Veterans Day.
1 - Celebrating Veterans Day, a unit for SLPs, $6 for 30+ pages. Includes suggested books, vocabulary matching, sentence scrambles, fact & opinion, and a helmet craftivity.

2 - Veterans Day Language Arts Unit (updated Sept. 2013), $5. Includes above activities plus three literacy centers and a writing activity.

3 - Veterans Day Variety Pack, $10, 125 pages. Includes #1, #2, and #3.

4 - Count It On Down, Math Centers for Veterans Day. $5 for 45+ pages.

5 - Veterans Day Informative Readers Theater for $3. Includes scripts in b/w and color and a punctuation activity.

6 - ABC Order for Veterans Day Freebie - alphabetized to the first letter.

7 - Veterans Day Ask Away Activity - one of four Ask Aways in the fall pack, $3.

Next, feast on these ideas!
1 - Turkey Time: Craft, Glyph, Literacy Centers, Math Centers & Social Skills, 140+ pages, $12. Includes #2, #3, and #5.

2 - Turkey Time: Math Centers for Thanksgiving, 40 pages, $4.

3 - I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, an SLP unit based on the book (not included), 70+ pages, $9.

4 - Totally Rockin' Turkeys, 75+ pages, $5. Includes fact & opinion, recording sheets, and graphic organizers.

5 - Turkey Time: Language Focus & Literacy Centers for Thanksgiving, 70+ pages, $5.

6 - Fall Ask Away - includes four Ask Away activities (similar to Guess Who?), including one Thanksgiving Ask Away, $3.

7 - Thanksgiving Informative Reader's Theater, 25+ pages, $3. Includes b/w and color scripts, graphic organizer, and craftivity.

Amy just finished a wonderful Captivating Caves & Caverns unit if you're studying landforms. It $7 for 85+ pages.
It's a new month, so we have a new {FREEBIE}! Talk about ways to travel over Thanksgiving with an ABC Order activity. Just like our Facebook page and then hit the tab for the download!
Thanks for taking a look, and wishing you a Happy November!
Yes, it's Saturday. I missed the Thursday post. But I wanted to share Pumpkin Week with you, and late is better than never, right?
Younger students and Functional Academics read one of my favorite stories, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. The book was a lucky buy my second year of being an SLP, back in 1994! Years ago, I developed a plan for the book modeled after Super Duper Inc's Year-Round Literature for Artic and Language - that's the first picture in the middle row. I made tons of Boardmaker pictures that are velcroe'd onto file folders. The students have to match up the pictures to the stimulus - for example, What were three things that chased the little old lady?

A new item I made this year was a game from Making Learning Fun, last picture. It's actually for a story stick, but my PK and FA kids needed matching to work on same/different instead of words, and this worked out pretty well, although the cards are pretty small. For more ideas, visit Carrie's Speech Corner and Chapel Hill Snippets.

Older students played two games from Linguisystems' Games to Go - a Pumpkins Game where they have to say, "My pumpkin has..." while trying to find pumpkins with whole faces and In the Snack Sack. The sentence pattern for this game is, "All/Some/None/Most of the treats in the sack are _____". This got in lots of /r/ and /s/ practice! And the sentence structure was surprisingly difficult for many students because they wanted to say, "There are....".

New items were an idioms matching game from Over the Rainbow Figurative Language Pack from Word Nerd Speech Teach. You can win you own set with this giveaway! And thanks to Can Do Kinders for Where is the Pumpkin? So great for working on prepositional phrases!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!
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