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Congrats to winner Kim C.B.!

Do you know Lindsey over at Word Nerd Speech Teach? She has wonderful ideas, so I was excited when we started communicating and she offered to share a few products. This year, I'm working with several 3rd-5th graders, so I was happy to receive Robotic Oxymorons and Over the Rainbow Figurative Language Pack. Disclaimer: These products were provided for free, but opinions are mine.

First up is Robotic Oxymorons:

The packet includes 24 sentences with oxymorons, like this one:
It also includes the same 24 sentences with multiple choices, which I love. If a student has difficulty answering a question, I like to offer choices, but it's sometimes hard to think of those on the fly.
And then there's a Wizard of Oz themed pack, Over the Rainbow Figurative Language! I always had a soft spot for the movie, and then I saw Wicked and just fell in love with the musical. This packet includes idioms, something I'm always trying to tie in.
Students can compare,
Match idioms,
and interpret proverbs.

Lindsey has done a wonderful job of creating functional materials, and she has also offered them for a giveaway. Make sure to visit Word Nerd Teach Speech, and good luck!
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