Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: October 18

From Amy:
#1  Rock the Frenzy Part 1
We joined up with our Speech Peeps.   Grab your 20 freebies in the Spooky Fun Frenzy!

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#2  Rock the Frenzy Part 2
Ok, so one Frenzy was not enough.   So, we joined up with Heather at Creation Castle for her October Frenzy.
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#3  Going on a little road trip.   I'm headed here on Saturday......the beautiful Riverwalk of San Antonio.    Hope you have a great weekend, too!

From Laura:
#1 - Pillsbury Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Chips - Oh my! My mom trained me to like homemade goodies, but these refrigerated cookies smell good AND taste good! Picture is from The Holidaze, and check out their review!
#2 - Rain and a band contest - This weekend, we headed north to watch the Marching 100 in the DeSoto Classic. It rained all the way up and then again at the stadium just before the band went on. The Marching 100 finished 5th out of 10 bands in the finals - the highest they had ever finished before was 7th! We were excited. They compete against bigger bands with bigger budgets. Here's a short snippet of my favorite part:

And here's a picture of the rainbow after the front blew in:
#3 - And finally, one of my favorite quotes and a reminder to myself:

From Lisa:

#1 - Going Batty! 
This week, we've been studying bats. I found these adorable trays at Dollar General and they've perfect for batty addition! 

#2 - Pinktober!
I absolutely love October. Halloween, pumpkins, cooler weather, and breast cancer awareness. Pink is my signature color and I tend to stock up during October. I love walking into a store and seeing multiple aisles of pink. More importantly, I love how everyone is raising awareness and supporting a cause that's very dear to our family.  I'm extremely proud to support strong survivors like my aunt Emily and our very own Laura! :)

#3 - Laughter is the best medicine
While scrolling through Pinterest, I found this gem. The bigger closet and sugar daddy are most welcome! hehe  :)

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