Tuesday Talk with Amy: Where Would You Live?

Where would you live if you could?
I mean anywhere.
Like the sky is the limit.
You are not worrying about rent, mortgage, restrictions, responsibilities or your real life.
If you could pick anywhere.

Maybe here?   It's a castle.    It's called Castle Farms in Michigan.  
Or here?   On the beach in beautiful, sunny Hawaii.....
Or  maybe you would like to see this every evening?
Or maybe you like an old, Southern town like Savannah?
What about this?   The Big Apple.....the city that never sleeps.
Is Chicago the city for you?
What about Austin?    It's close to my heart.   And Deep in the Heart of Texas.....
So, how about dreaming big.    Like here?   There is rumored to be a secret door that takes you to a knock-your-socks-off suite of rooms for the rich and famous.    
If I have to move out of Texas, first I would go into shock.    Love my home state.    

Then, I would pick this place.   Because I am a nerd.   Because it is beautiful.    Because I would just feel smart if I could call this place home.    I would have so much to see, do and read.    And it smells like books.   
And, surely I could read in here.   Since I live here and all :-)
And I could examine Thomas Jefferson's collection, after closing time.
And they have a cool ceiling!   No reason to remodel :-)
Did you guess?    My place?
Do you have your own place?
Well, it was nice to think about.
But, there is no place like home. 
Dorothy was one smart girl.....with a pretty cool pair of shoes.

Have a wonderful day!

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