Wild Wednesday: Would You Like a Fiesta or a Siesta?

So, we were having a little celebration at school.    Well, it was a pretty big celebration.    It warranted cake.    A big cake.   The bakery messed up the saying on the cake.    The cake decorator changed it, but was perplexed what exactly the problem was.

Just for the record.....fiesta and siesta do not mean the same thing!

Even though, I might like a cake before I take a siesta.   It is more likely you will have a cake for a FIESTA.   Right?

It is a good thing a couple of teachers picked up the cake.   They were able to do a little afterschool tutoring at the bakery.  

After a few laughs, I remembered this website about cakes gone wrong.    Have you seen this website?   Cake wrecks?   Here a few goodies to enjoy.

Here is the cake that "started it all":

I guess sprinkles were not meant to be?

Well, I guess this one was recent:

Enjoy the day!   Maybe try to eat some cake today, too.

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