Friday Faves from All Y'all Need: Oct. 25

From Amy:
#1   I mentioned I was heading to San Antonio last Friday.   So, here is the reason behind the road trip....Michael Buble was in concert.    He was AH-mazing.   I know everyone says that after a concert.   But, Michael is quite the entertainer and singer.   Oh, and he is very easy on the eyes!

#2   I love a good feel good story.   I love even more when the underdog wins.   I love it when it is proven that hard pays off.   No wonder I love this story.    Congratulations to James Montgomery at Northwestern University!

#3   Here is where I will be this weekend.

I will be an attendee at the Texas Book Festival.   It is all about books this week and weekend for me!

From Laura:
#1 - I always love the 25th of the month because it's
#2 - It's snapshot week, which means all of my paperwork has to be in order. And we started a new system this year. Caffeine to the rescue!
#3 - October has a special meaning for me this month.

One year ago, I was two weeks into my medical leave after starting chemo on Oct. 15, 2012. I'm thankful for the care I received and thinking of those still fighting the battle.

#4 - Have you seen the wonderful resource list compiled by Jessica Chase at Consonantly Speaking?
She has listed 770+ blogs!!! Plus, there are tons of websites. Hurry, go there now! And be sure to give her a thank-you for all of her hard work!

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