Thursday Therapy: Going Batty!

This week brought a focus on bats! I was working on ARDs when my licensed assistant had the students hold out their arms to show them how big a wingspan can get. Holy Bat Wings! Luckily, the big ones live in Indonesia. I'll stay in Central Texas, where we are lucky enough to sometimes see the bats at McNeil Bridge swarm out. This summer, we got out of the car under the bridge and heard the bat noises - but mostly SMELLED the bats. I'll stick with viewing from afar! I haven't seen the largest city colony in Austin under the Congress Avenue Bridge, but maybe someday. A bat cruise sounds fun!

On to therapy:
My 3rd-5th graders read Stellaluna aloud. Then, they read the Fact/Opinion cards to each other. Lots of artic practice! And Fact/Opinion is a big deal in TEKS.

My Life Skills students fed items to the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat and then made snack bats. We used hand-over-hand to color the clothespins and glue on the eyes. Students had to request the items and the cereal in the baggie. Materials from the book are from Speech Room News. There are lots of companions for this book, but I thought the manipulatives were good for my Life Skills students.

My Functional Academics students also did the same book and made clothespin bats from the Therapy Links series. I love these books because we can do a craftivity and I can send home the directions page for homework.

How do you celebrate bats?

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