Need a speech/language touch to your room? All Y'all Need has five bulletin board sets just for SLPs.  Here's a preview and links to all five.
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Thanks for looking!
Congrats to Lena!

Here is All Y'all Need's newest room decor just for SLPS, Chalkboard and Bright Bulletin Board Set. Let's take a look, starting with the preview:
 The cover page:
And what you get:
1 of 3 signs - an outside welcome (shown) and a Where I Am page to let everyone know where you are and a Class Welcome sign (not shown).
Class Rules and 4 Behavior Charts. Behavior Charts come in color and black-and-white. Only one shown:

A Main Bulletin Board Header - 2 pages designed to be attached together - and 3 1-page accents (1 shown):

A Hall of Fame Header to celebrate successes and 2 portrait pages to hang pictures and let students autograph their successes (1 shown):

Brag/happy notes - 3 pages - send home to celebrate achievements or hang on the Hall of Fame Bulletin Board (1 page shown):
2 pages of labels in color and B&W (only B&W shown). These can be used either horizontally or vertically:
Thanks for taking a look. The Chalkboard and Bright Bulletin Board Set is at All Y'all Need. $4 for 20+ pages! We're also running a giveaway until July 10.

While Amy, Lisa and I have been playing on the computer, my parents have been doing stuff old-school. Here are a few pictures of their handiwork.

First, my mom's baking.
 That's two big tubs of cookies, chocolate chip for her granddaughter and snickerdoodles for her grandson, plus a sack of Good Morning Sunshine Bars from Baked. Yummy!

My dad has been making cards. They're really cool. He layers lots of paper for texture in cutouts. Here's a rose card in progress:

 A hot-air balloon with a fancy banner, Have a Great Day:
 And a stand-up flower card.
Hope you enjoyed these!

Congrats to Anne T!

We've done Pirates, Wild West and Rock Star room decor sets just for SLPs. It's time to hit the beach and go catch some waves with our Surf Set!

Here's a preview:

 What you get:
 1 of 3 signs - this one is the outside welcome. Set also includes a printable to let everyone know where you are and a classroom welcome sign.
 1 of 2 behavior charts. Squares are sized to hold small stickers. The other behavior chart has a girl. Set also includes class rules (not shown).
Two printables that can be joined for a main header on a bulletin board:

 Three 1-page accents for the bulletin board (1 shown):
Surf Set also includes a header for the Hall of Fame to celebrate successes and two portrait pages to post pictures and autographs (not shown). Brag notes can be used to send home news or to hang on the bulletin board for achievements:

Thanks for taking a look. The Surf Set is $4 for 20+ pages at All Y'all Need. We also have a giveaway going on through July 10.
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Are you ready for the demise of Google Reader in just a few days? I'm using bloglovin'. I've tried a few readers, but bloglovin' has been my favorite, so I'm hopping on the train with Tori's Teacher Tips!

I've tried feedly. I've tried Flipboard. There were things I liked about both, but bloglovin' is the most user-friendly for me. I talked about bloglovin' in April and wasn't sure at the time it was the best reader for me, but it's the one I solely use now. It's easy. And best of all, bloglovin' will import all your Google reader blogs! But hurry, because the import only lasts as long as Google reader.

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Congrats to Tracy!

Ahoy, me hearties! Ready for another bulletin board set just for SLPs? If you're planning a pirate theme, check out All Y'all Need's Pirate Bulletin Board Set for SLPs.

 The preview:

 The title page:
 What you get:
Three signs (1 of 3 shown):
4 behavior charts (only 1 shown):
Main bulletin board header (1 of 2 shown):
3 accents (1 shown):
Hall of Fame header and 2 portrait pages (only 1 shown):

Plus brag pages to send home or hang on the Hall of Fame and labels!

Go to All Y'all Need for the Pirate set, $4.

Enter our giveaway running from today until July 10.

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Updated: Congrats to giveaway winner Heather K!

Last night, All Y'all Need posted a new set just for SLPs with a pirate theme.

But today, we are talking about the Wild West. We love all things cowboy and cowgirl, so we rounded up our ideas for a fun room theme! Here's a preview of what you get:

The cover page:
 The set includes a general welcome (not shown), a classroom welcome, and a Where I Am page to let everyone know where your busy schedule is taking you.

 Two behaviors charts (one shown) with spaces the perfect size for marking off or using small stickers.
 A two-page main header for a bulletin board or focus wall. Just print out and attach side-by-side.

 Three 1-page accents (only 1 shown):
And a Hall of Fame with a header for celebrating achievements! This part also comes with two picture pages (not shown). You can use real photos, or students can draw in a self-portrait. There's also a space for student signatures.
Ready to round up your SLP room decor? Our Wild West set has 20+ pages and is only $4. For today only, we are running a giveaway for this set.
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Updated: The winner is Candace W!
All Y'all Need is in the process of giving SLPs some great room decor. Rock Star is the first set. You can also see Wild West and Surf, but I'm going to show you one set each day PLUS run a giveaway for each one!

Let's get rockin'! Here's a rundown of what you get with Rock Star:

Let's start with a bang with a printable to hang outside your door.
 Let everyone know where you are. Laminate or frame this printable, and use dry-erase markers to tell people where you are and when you'll be back.
Inside, post a welcome just for your students:
Let your little rock stars know that good behavior is expected with rules and behavior charts (also comes with a boy and in black and white).
Got some standing ovations going on? Put students in the Hall of Fame! Set includes a header and 2 pages for either pictures or self-portraits and autographs (only 1 page shown).

Make a focus bulletin board with a 2-page header and three accents (only 1 of each shown):

Use brag notes to send home or to hang on the bulletin board (1 style shown, set includes another color brag note and two black-and-white brag notes).
Each set also includes labels.

Ready to rock? You can get the Rock Star Speech/Language Bulletin Board at All Y'all Need TpT. The 20+ page set is $4. We're also running a giveaway today!
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