All Y'all Need: Family

Lisa is here for a visit! Well, near me. I haven't gotten to see her yet. But Lisa and Amy have been living it up. We've been working on a few projects, and DropBox GiftBox has been our friend. Did you know that Amy and Lisa are the babies in their families? DropBox didn't sound "fun" enough, so they renamed in GiftBox. They are spoiled.

The other night, my two teens went to a late movie with a youth group. I fell asleep. A pretty hard sleep, I guess, because when I woke up at 11 p.m., I felt like I had slept all night. I groggily turned over and opened my iPad for some reason, holding the iPad very close to my face because I wasn't wearng my glasses, saw they had giftboxed me a project, and opened Wild West to see this:
I thought I had been abducted by aliens! It was just a freaky moment(s), and Amy and Lisa were dying laughing.

Isn't it purty? They even copyrighted it. Want to use it? Just copy the image for free. Because we're that nice.

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