Going the Instagram Way

When I made a list of SLP Connects, I added Instagram as an entry. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

First, it's summer. I have time now. All Y'all Need is actually made up of an SLP (me), a librarian, and a teacher. When my librarian sister Amy set up an Instagram for us, I was skeptical and didn't plan to use it. But then... I explored a little bit, which leads me to my second reason...

Instagram is pretty fun! Amy followed a bunch of teachers, elementary teachers in particular. Honestly, my first thoughts were that these teachers had too much energy, too much time, and led perfect lives. It was a little too perky for me, but it was fun.

And then Amy introduced me to an app called A Beautiful Mess, and the fun continued. There is such something about putting doodles on a picture. I only got the app yesterday, and I've made 3 pictures. Here is one of my 15-year-old driving:

And my husband asked me to never draw hearts all around him again:
But he was okay with the fact that the hearts are an overlay. Go figure.

So you can see that I've turned into the perky Instagramer! And my teen daughter decided that she really loved the app, also, so I call that a win that I knew about something before she did! Of course, it's all due to my wonderful sister.

After exploring a little bit, I think Instagram is a little more fun and social than twitter. It's more visual than Facebook. And it allows us to introduce the bits of our personal lives that we choose to share.

So what happens when school starts again, which will be in a nanosecond? Instagram hooks up to Facebook and twitter, so we can still share pictures without a lot of effort. Pictures of therapy activities, rooms, mountains of paperwork... It's an easy, visual common ground.

Join us at http://instagram.com/allyallneed! We would love to see what you create!

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  1. I don't know why, but instagram intimidates me. I think I'll try it out one day this week...maybe;)


    1. I hope you do, but be sure to get the app. It makes all the difference!


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