June 2013 SLP Link Up

This month's theme is in honor of Father's Day and includes a really creative acronym again, JUNE.
If you would like to participate, go here to find out how to enter text. 

Here is mine:
Jamming to: As I write and write and write my progress reports, I'm enjoying some background music. songza is so easy. Just select a mood, and a playlist comes up. My favorites are Today's Happy Pop Hits, Today's Worship Songs, and Mom Songs. Yep, I'm unashamedly a pop fan.

Unwinding: It's the end of the year. I. want. sleep.

Needing: I thought I was over allergies. After 3 weeks of being an SLP with no voice, twice daily puffs of Flonase and enough OTC meds to alert the local meth police, I really thought it was over. But then mold hit. I'm stuffy and sneezing. There are a lot of good things about Central Texas. Increasing allergies every year is not one of those.

New stuff: All Y'all Need was honored to donate our memory book to the TpT Teachers Care for Oklahoma Fundraiser, K-1 Bundle. The bundle is $25 and is only on sale through June 3.

If you haven't heard, SLPs also gathered up two bundles. I just bought mine, and there are some great products. They are a bargain at $15 each! To find out "Moore", go here. Bundle #1 is here, and Bundle #2 is here.

Ready to link up? Here are the rules:
1) Give credit where due - link to original ideas/blog posts, TpT/TN stores, etc.
2) Feel free to mention your own products, but please include items from other people. The purpose is networking.
3) After submitting your blog, visit four more blogs and make comments.