Manic Monday: Santa is Coming to {My State} and a Giveaway!

How about one more post to end the day? That makes five posts today, a record that will probably stand for us for a long time! We just posted Santa is Coming to {My State}: A Unit for SLPs. It goes along with the Steve Smallman books.
Santa is Coming to {My State} has 25+ pages for $4. It includes three games to go along with the book plus a B&W take-home sheet for each game! You get:
* Christmas Categories - a game with an answer key, 20 category cards (including 5 to personalize for your state), penalty and reward cards, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Santa Says - 20 cards to play Santa Says, based off Simon Says, and a B&W take-home sheet
* Where Are You, Christmas? A Spatial Concepts Game - 20 matches for a memory game with graphics supporting spatial concepts and a B&W take-home sheet

Thanks for taking a look, and good luck!

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