Thankful SLP

It's November - wow! how did that happen? - and time for gratitudes. The thing is, I've done them in the past, so I feel like I'm repeating myself. Thankful for family, check. Health, yes. Friends, faith, new car, college acceptances for my son - okay, that's new - but I think you get the idea. So how about a linky for SLPs?
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Just take a screen shot of the image with the caption and then list three things. Here are mine:

1) Our SLP world now. Just take a look at all the ideas from bloggers and TpT sellers with Consonantly Speaking's wonderful list! From someone who started a career as an SLP without Internet access, all of these resources are a blessing!

2) A wonderful licensed assistant. With two schools and a mix of direct therapy and supervision, I'm having trouble finding a good balance. Alison keeps me straight!

3) Amy and Lisa, my librarian sister and teacher cousin. Without them, we would not be on the All Y'all Need journey.

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