Manic Monday: A Koala Giveaway!

Amy is at it again with the wonderful fact & opinion units, and this one focuses on the darling koala bear!
Getting to Know the Koala is 100+ pages and is $7. Here's what you get:

Fact and Opinion Activity: 42 sorting cards, 1 Facts Header Page, 1 Opinion Header Page, 1 Facts Recording Page and 1 Opinions Recording Page

I Know Nouns: Students sort noun by person, place or thing. Recording sheet provided.

Write the Room: Students find and record 10 vocabulary words posted around the room. Recording sheet provided.

Graphic Organizers: KWL Chart, Can/Have/Are Chart, Circle Map, Bubble Map

I Know Koalas: Students draw pictures of the koala’s home, food, body and enemy.

Koala ABC Order Activity: alphabetizing to the first letter

Koala Chat: Students write definitions for eucalyptus leaves, marsupial, nocturnal and pouch.

Koala Fun Fact: Students draw a picture of a koala and write one fun fact.

Label the Koala: One labeled koala is an example to share with students. Then, students label the black koala with words in the word bank.

Koala Check Up: Give students a clipboard and highlighter. Students give a check up to the koala. Students highlight the correct choice for koalas.

To introduce it, we're having a giveaway. Good luck!

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