Thursday Therapy: Pumpkin Week!

Yes, it's Saturday. I missed the Thursday post. But I wanted to share Pumpkin Week with you, and late is better than never, right?
Younger students and Functional Academics read one of my favorite stories, The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything. The book was a lucky buy my second year of being an SLP, back in 1994! Years ago, I developed a plan for the book modeled after Super Duper Inc's Year-Round Literature for Artic and Language - that's the first picture in the middle row. I made tons of Boardmaker pictures that are velcroe'd onto file folders. The students have to match up the pictures to the stimulus - for example, What were three things that chased the little old lady?

A new item I made this year was a game from Making Learning Fun, last picture. It's actually for a story stick, but my PK and FA kids needed matching to work on same/different instead of words, and this worked out pretty well, although the cards are pretty small. For more ideas, visit Carrie's Speech Corner and Chapel Hill Snippets.

Older students played two games from Linguisystems' Games to Go - a Pumpkins Game where they have to say, "My pumpkin has..." while trying to find pumpkins with whole faces and In the Snack Sack. The sentence pattern for this game is, "All/Some/None/Most of the treats in the sack are _____". This got in lots of /r/ and /s/ practice! And the sentence structure was surprisingly difficult for many students because they wanted to say, "There are....".

New items were an idioms matching game from Over the Rainbow Figurative Language Pack from Word Nerd Speech Teach. You can win you own set with this giveaway! And thanks to Can Do Kinders for Where is the Pumpkin? So great for working on prepositional phrases!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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