Friday Faves: Nov. 8

From Amy:
#1   Prayer.    This is a beautiful prayer image that showcases nature.   I love the message.

#2   My wonderful caretakers.   My parents have taken excellent, better than excellent care of me during my surgery recovery.   I love my parents!   They are Laura's parents, too.

#3  A big thank you to all of our Veterans.   We are having a Veterans Day assembly at school on Monday.    Does anyone else have an assembly on Monday honoring our brave Veterans?

From Laura:
 #1 - Our military. Veterans Day is Monday, and Fort Hood is a huge part of life in Central Texas. Thanks to all soldiers, past and present.
#2 - Looking forward to a special Jingle Cruise! The Jungle Cruise at Magic Kingdom has gotten a Christmas makeover.
#3 - Once Upon a Time Season 3 is bringing back the magic from Season 1 and making me forget about Season 2. Thanks, ABC!

From Lisa:
#1 Bullies are despicable!
My kiddos had a blast thinking of a "minion" ways to be respectful. 
#2 Spider week
We've been focusing on spiders in my class. Thanks Amy Lemons at stepintosecondgrade for your cute creation!

#3 - Friday funny 
We've been focusing on expository text. You've gotta love a kindergartener's interpretation of words. Expository text is now known as "suppository text" in my class. One little sweetie started calling it that by mistake and others have joined the club. Haha 

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