Tuesday Talk with Amy

Meet Austinite Richard Overton.

He is believed to be the oldest living World War II veteran.   He is 107!   Like 100 + 7, 50 + 57, etc. 

On Saturday, Austin mayor Lee Lefingwell presented Mr. Overton with  the Mayor's Freedom Award. This prestigious award is the highest recognition given by the mayor's office.

On Sunday, Mr. Overton flew out of Austin for a VIR (very important reason).

He was recognized in Washington DC on Monday.   By our very own President.    He was honored with two standing ovations.   This was after eating breakfast at the White House!

Mr. Overton had a job in Austin at our own beautiful Texas Capitol.   He retired at 65.   But he did not stay retired.   He kept going back to work.    His pattern:   retire, rehire, retire, rehire, retire, rehire, retire.   He retired for good when he got "near 100" years old!

Retired at 99?   Let's just round up to say 100, shall we?


Thank you, Mr. Overton.     Thank you to ALL of our veterans.    Standing ovation for each of you.

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