Precious Pandas

Back in 2007, Amy and I were fortunate enough to visit The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., and we fell in love with the pandas there. Did you hear there is a new panda? In honor of Bao Bao, Amy decided to create a facts/opinions packet, Precious Pandas.
In this 40+-page packet, you get 2 sets of fact/opinion cards. One set is in color, and the duplicate set is in B&W.

Precious Pandas also includes:
* Label the Panda
* Panda Pals - information and recording sheets about three pandas
* I Know Pandas
* Panda ABC Order
* Panda Word Search

All recording sheets are in B&W for easy printing and copying. Precious Pandas is $3 at our store, All Y'all Need. Thanks for taking a look!

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