Tuesday Talk: Spring Break!

Spring Break, Anyone?

It’s Tuesday.   It’s Amy quacking at you.

So, Lisa and I are on Spring Break!   Laura is not (boo, hiss).    I am a complete nerd, so I did a little research on Spring Break.    Spring Break is considered a recess in early spring for schools and universities.   I’m all in for a little recess.    I hope you are enjoying your Spring Break, or will very soon.

Lisa and I got to stay here over the first weekend of Spring Break (don't those words just sound good together?).    Our hotel was oh-so-ooh-la-la.   And the baby club (me, Lisa and Billie) were cozy in our comfortable room.

We were there because of our presentation with Laura:

That’s right.   Lisa and I hightailed it to Dallas after school Friday.   Lisa had a driver, her sweet mom Billie.   I did not have a driver.   So, I took along an audiotape to listen to.   I thought Lulu, Stephanie, Grandma Mazur, Joe and Ranger (sigh) could accompany me to downtown Dallas.   Book 18 in the series.

Laura left Thursday after school for Dallas.    She attended TSHA all day Friday.   

I did make one stop on the interstate for yum, yum kolaches (and there may or may not have been a few shamrock cookies purchased to honor the upcoming holiday):

To anyone who knows me, it’s a miracle I actually found Big D.   I have not always been so lucky.    Sad, but true.   Once, my BFF and I pretty much missed Fort Worth, and came thisclose to crossing the Red River before realizing our mistake.    (another sigh)

So, I was proud of myself for finding not only the city of Dallas (which, for the record,  is the 9th biggest city in the USA), but also the ooh-la-la hotel!    Thanks to Omni for those cool flashing purple and pink lights all over the building to welcome us!

Saturday the three of us presented at the Texas Speech and Hearing Association Conference 2013.   It was our very first time to present at a conference together. 

Billie handled the door prizes.    Yep, we gave everything away from Subway Art to Skittles Smellies to free units from our TpT store.

Then, we were off quacking  in a enormous, gigantic room.   I mean the room was actually two ballrooms.    Really overwhelming for me!   I think my eyes popped out of our heads at the sheer size of the room.   So, my eyes were googly, Laura had been suffering from laryngitis for weeks, and Lisa was looking like our go-to-gal.

Then, I created some technical problems for us.   Ooopsy.   Plan A sunk like the Titanic as I disconnected the wifi on Laura's iPad.    Mike,  the AV Man,  tried to be helpful.    Luckily, we knew the chances of me messing up was sky high, so we implemented Plan B.     We opened the laptop I had, inserted the flash drive.    The colorful slides popped up on the Texas-sized screen.    

My eyes went returned to my head.   Laura's  voice which she had been "saving" was aided by the microphone.   Lisa was happy, happy, happy she was not the only presenter at showtime!   Laura, Lisa and I talked.   We showed slides since Plan B was beautiful.   We talked about what our collaboration looks like, using story elements & other techniques to develop oral language, why Laura uses cooperative games in therapy (see the picture of the pole), and wished we could be in Lisa's fun kindergarten classroom:



Then, it was off for a little breakfast and shopping in Dallas.  Oh, and a big nap.   The good news is, two little birdies followed me home!   Lisa and Billie are going to stay with me for a couple of days!    Poor Laura.   She had to go back to work on Monday.     But, her recess is on the calendar for next week.

Hope you enjoy your Spring Break and get your quack on, 

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  1. My great aunt used to make the best kolaches EVER. And, I've actually been to West, Tx.!!!

    1. Kolaches are wonderful things, aren't they?


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