March 2013 SLP Link Up

Have you seen the cute linky parties on teacher and craft blogs? The idea is that everyone shares something in common and then links up to network and comment on other blogs. With our growing SLP blog world, I though I would give it a try.

So here is the first image. It is not as cute as others I've seen, but hey, it's my first try.
Graphics are by Scrappin Doodles and Teaching in a Small Town. Font is by Cara Carroll of the First Grade Parade.

See how I used SLP down the side? Isn't that original?

So what do you do with this? If you have a Mac, take a screen shot by pressing Command-Shift-4. This will bring up a circle with lines, and you can use that to take the screen shot. It will sound like a camera.  The image will go to the desktop, and you can open it up. My screen shot image now looks like this:

From the top toolbar, select Tools-Annotate-Add Text:

This will bring up a plus sign. Place the plus sign where you want to add the text, and a vertical line will appear.
You will need to repeat these steps for each line of type. Then, either take a screen shot or save as an image, and add it to your blog post!

I do not have detailed directions for PCs. Right-click the image, import in PowerPoint, and add text boxes to add text.

If this is all too complicated, just copy the image and put the answers below. You don't have to put text into the image.

Here is my example:
This March, my State of Mind is happy, happy, happy (and yes, that's a Duck Dynasty reference!) Why? Because of what I'm Loving - Spring Break this week! I'm getting ready to do Fortunately Fans next week, plus I need to get Carrotville from Jenna Rayburn ready.

Wow! That sounds like a lot of work! But there's one more step, joining the linky party. Click on the Add Your Link button at the bottom of this post. Share the URL for your blog. Then, comment on four blogs total - the two before your entry and the two after. 

Here are the rules:
1) Keep it clean and friendly.
2) You can mention your own items, as I did with Fortunately Fans, but if you do that, please put in items from someone else, as I did with Carrotville. The purpose is networking.
3) Give credit where credit is due - fonts, link to original ideas, TPT/Teachers Notebook stores, Pinterest, etc.
4) After submitting your blog, visit four more blogs and make comments.

Thanks for taking this journey with me! I'm looking forward to adding more blogs to my list!

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