Thursday Therapy: Easter and Spring

So I planned to do Fortunately Fans this week, but I forgot it's Easter! Here are some of the things I used:

Carrotville from Jenna Rayburn:

 Some Easter books, homework, and Easter Bingo from Speaking of Speech:
Another book with velcro categories. The first picture of each row is glued on. The next three are velcroed on. I remove the pictures and hand them out according to IEP objective. for example, a student working on /ch/ would get the "go to church"  card. It's my little way of combining artic and language. Then we work together to fill up the categories.
And from my super sister, an Easter Happy Bunny Jellybeans smelly!
Up for next week is more spring fun, this time with Park Place!
The More Mr. and Mrs. Green book has three short chapters, and one is about going to the park. It is a suggestion from my sister, and I love it! It has the fun and nature parts of parks, so it will be a good intro to our games.

The first one is "I'm Going to the Park", and this is perfect for my language students working on categories. There are also plenty of artic sounds to work on. Plus there's a take-home sheet so parents will know what their child did.
The second day of therapy will be "Rhyme Time at the Park". Students listen to two rhyming words and produce a third one. Artic students will have to use a rhyming word with their speech sound. This one also has a take-home sheet.
What did you do this week? What do you have planned?

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